Aberdeen Airport

With annual passenger numbers reaching the 4m mark Aberdeen Airport is a busy international hub for travel which promises to see further growth in the future. The last ten years have seen £52m invested in the airport, with a further £57m expected to be invested over the next decade.

This investment has resulted in a 124m extension to the runway, a covered international walkway, and £5m parking deck and a resurfacing project. A £13m terminal redevelopment project is set to be completed in 2017 with more improvements to come.

In November 2014 Rezcomm introduced its travel booking service, following the airport's busiest year up to that point. With passenger figures growing, and an extra 1.5m estimated to be passing through the airport by 2030, it was important that Aberdeen offered a solution that enabled customers to manage their holidays entirely through its website while enhancing discoverability of its available destinations. A banner, prominently display on the airport's homepage, highlights key destinations in addition to making customers aware of new ones. Clicking on the banner takes the customer to a shop where they can manage their entire holiday, from flights and hotels to car hire, helping to establish the airport as a trusted resource for booking a holiday. With the airport's predicted growth Rezcomm is prepared to adapt this service based on its changing needs and evolving requirements.