Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Find, attract, and win new clients. Hold on to them and meet their needs to keep them coming back for more.

Rezcomm uses sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to provide wide-ranging benefits. 


As an essential business solution it lets you connect with and understand your pre book parking reservation and ancillary sales. It covers every interaction with valuable customers across your product portfolio including travel and parking.

With our custom built CRM you can give your customers an even better experience when they interact with you. Working smoothly in the background, it can improve your business processes, help improve relationships with new and existing customers, increase revenues and make your business more efficient. In short, our CRM provides you with timely and reliable insights that help you make more informed business decisions. 

Power to spare

Rezcomm's powerful CRM platform has been built from the ground up and can be customised to meet the specific requirements of any industry that sells products and service online. With a choice of editions, and deployment options, it can meet the individual needs of your business and accelerate growth – helping you gain and retain a competitive advantage.

You’ll benefit from tools and capabilities to create and easily maintain a clear picture of customers, from first contact through purchase and post-sales. our CRM delivers a fast, flexible and affordable solution for sales tracking, including cross and up sell, marketing campaigns and ROI for marketing investment. It drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process and boosts profits.

The perfect combination

Whether you need a shop window that increases your ancillary revenue, or a way to understand your customers’ purchasing habits even better, we can develop an effective digital strategy that will help.

Rezcomm and our CRM can lay the foundations for increased revenue, customer insight and retail efficiency.