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Dean Holmes

26 Sep 2023
Elizabeth Sangers

Chicago-based Dean Holmes has led multiple parking revenue management services for airports in North America and Europe in the last 12 years.

At Manchester Airport Group in England, Dean was the revenue manager for London’s Stansted Airport (STN), where he successfully used multiple online reservation systems to increase revenue from £21.8 million to £43.6 million. This led to propensity to park and revenue per passenger increases of more than 10% per year for four years.

He’s since continued that success at Charlotte (CLT) and Los Angeles (LAX), where parking revenue per TSA passenger has jumped by $4.36 (91%) and $2.29 (104%), respectively, compared with pre-COVID-19 levels. Such programs are led by Dean who leverages his broad technical experience from working with different airports and technology vendors, as well as increasingly tailoring Helm’s approach so it is tailor-made for every organization he works with.

Dean also spent five years as Client Success Director at AeroParker, where he managed their national sales plan and brought in more than 15 airport clients to their client portfolio. He was responsible for launching online reservations and parking revenue management at multiple US airport locations as a result.