Cardiff Airport

Located in the village of Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff Airport is an international hub serving South, West, and Mid Wales with around 1m passengers passing through it each year. Previously known as Cardiff International Airport it underwent rebranding in 2009, with a new logo and visual

identity to go with its change of name. In 2013 the airport was acquired by the Welsh Government and since then has undergone numerous changes and improvements to offer customers a better experience, including the addition of new airlines and increased route availability.

As part of the rebranding process in 2009 Rezcomm was brought on board, initially to provide a system for booking holidays and flights that would complement its new identity. After the success of the booking system we then added a lounge booking tool, increasing the services offered through the airport's website. This new functionality was further enhanced by advanced customer data capture integrated into the airport's own systems. During the period following its rebranding Rezcomm was able to deliver crucial marketing support with key promotions, by becoming the selling agent for event specific departures. With the addition of a booking system customised to match the airport's new visual identity, and delivery of improved customer relationship management, Rezcomm has laid the foundations for a continuously improving customer experience that will evolve as the airport does.