City of Derry Airport

A small airport which has benefited from the rise of low-cost air travel City of Derry Airport currently serves around 350,000 passengers every year. In the mid-nineties the number of passengers passing through the airport annually hovered around 50,000. Falling prices combined with a €15m

investment in 2006, that marked the beginning a significant period of growth, has helped to boost its reputation as a hub for flights to Glasgow, Liverpool and London. It also offers seasonal flights to Alicante and Faro.

Although the airport only serves a small number of destinations Rezcomm's adaptable booking service had much to offer City of Derry, beginning with the implementation of a parking booking system in 2014. Following the success of this pre-booked parking service our travel layer was added by the end of the year, enabling customers to book holidays direct from the airport as well. These new features allowed City of Derry to offer a range of services to improve their customer's experience and create a stronger sense of loyalty to the airport. In addition to pre-booked parking and travel these services made it possible for customers to manage their lounge and priority lane options from the same portal. The parking system remains the key benefit to the airport though and effective use of promotions has generated incremental parking bookings at key times.