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Nuremberg Airport

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  • Nuremberg Airport is the second busiest airport in Bavaria, serving more than four million travellers each year for the last five years.


    In 2019 Rezcomm was awarded the tender to become Nuremberg Airport’s tech partner.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, Nuremberg Airport transformed a multistory car park into a cinema, which utilised Rezcomm’s intuitive pre-book parking system. Nuremberg Airport also required assistance integrating with another parking system so it could work seamlessly with multiple suppliers.

    Our Approach

    • Replaced Nuremberg Airport’s end-of-life ecommerce solution that was no longer fit for purpose
    • Implemented the Rezcomm Marketplace, tailoring it to Nuremberg Airport’s specific needs
    • Launched the ecommerce solution with Rezcomm’s Lounge and Parking modules
    • Integrated with Pay 1
    • Supplied high-level customer service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
    • Performed system development and manipulation to generate income during Nuremberg’s lockdown

    Client Quote

    We have been using the Rezcomm system for a number of years and we mainly use it for online parking bookings by our customers. The support from Rezcomm was excellent from the start and it has remained to this day. Even in the tough times with Covid, Rezcomm was a good partner. We are sure that this partnership will secure good sales for us in the future as well.

    The Marketplace Solution

    Create seamless customer experiences with our plug-and-play airport marketplace. Scale faster, switch on the services you need and fast-track growth on your own schedule.

    Nuremberg Airport utilises our Reservations modules to sell pre-book parking and lounge services to customers in a single basket on its website. Additionally, it benefits from ongoing support from Rezcomm to manage unforeseen circumstances, such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

    Business Benefits

    The Rezcomm Reservations module supports Nuremberg Airport in unlocking revenue from its parking and lounge services. What’s more, the seamless integration with additional parking partners increases Nuremberg Airport’s revenue channels and offers a broader choice to customers.

    While the process of gaining and producing Nuremberg Airport’s tender was seamless, the ‘after life’ service of managing the ecommerce system through the pandemic required high-level customer service. Rezcomm expertly performed system developments to ensure Nuremberg Airport maintained some of its income while most flights were grounded. Rezcomm continues to work closely with the airport to keep generating income through this period of recovery.

    Nuremberg Airport is currently in the top 10 German International Airports

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