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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

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  • Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is the 6th largest airport in France, serving 9.6 million passengers in 2019. It is the 1st regional airport for freight and holds a Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation.


    Toulouse-Blagnac Airport approached Rezcomm with an exciting new project – a full scale, major rebrand. It sought to refresh its look and revitalise its brand, with a turnaround time of just five months.

    Our Approach

    • Complete logo colour palette change
    • New branding implemented across all digital media, images, email designs, website design and ecommerce
    • Collaborative and multifaceted approach using the skills of the entire Rezcomm team
    • Thorough testing process
    • Stable and smooth brand launch in June 2021

    The Marketplace Solution

    Create seamless customer experiences with our plug-and-play airport marketplace. Scale faster, switch on the services you need and fast-track growth on your own schedule.

    At Rezcomm, we love a new challenge, and our team couldn’t wait to get stuck into the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport rebrand. With an active, multifaceted approach that harnessed the whole team’s skills, Rezcomm designed a fresh new look that exceeded all client expectations.

    Business Benefits

    In partnership with Rezcomm, Toulouse-Blagnac benefited from working with a creative team that not only had vast experience and skills in branding and marketing but niche knowledge of the airport industry.

    The Result

    Rezcomm delivered the entire project on time, including a complete testing process to guarantee 100% stability during switchover. No errors. No rollbacks. Rezcomm achieved a smooth launch with zero turbulence.

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