Exeter Airport

Our longstanding relationship with Exeter Airport has grown over the years, from once operating an on-site travel agency to now providing an online and offline travel service and powering the technology that drives their parking and ancillary revenues. The airport were keen to take control of their

own destiny whilst not having to invest too much time and resource on managing the day to aspect of their online sale channels. This is where Rezcomm’s fully managed service can be very effective.  Whilst the Travel service tempts customers with holiday ideas and special offers driven by our online booking system and travel experts, the Rezcomm platform works dynamically to maximise the airports parking, lounge and fast track revenues. The result is a fully integrated  pre booking ecommerce system for airports that delivers a genuine improvement in customer service and a significant increase in revenue for the airport.

Our parking revenue increased considerably within the first three weeks of going live with rezcomm whilst Rezcomm’s organised marketing approach has helped convey confidence with our airlines and tour operators. We are very pleased and will be adding further products to our shop window over the coming months.”

- Communication Manager - Exeter Airport