Ireland West Airport

The main gateway to the west of Ireland and the island's fourth international airport Ireland West experienced a significant growth in the years following 2005, serving over 700,000 passengers each year as of 2014. An award-winning airport that was named best regional airport two years in a row

in 2005 and 2006, by the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, it now offers routes to 20 scheduled and charter destinations in Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

Despite almost a decade of increasing business up until October 2015 Ireland West had no pre-booking facility. When it was realised that a pre-booking service would benefit the airport and its growing passenger numbers Rezcomm was brought on board to integrate its parking, lounge, and fast tracking booking system for its customers. The system had the intended effect and since its installation West Ireland has seen a large increase in sales. With more growth looking likely for the future the system can be adapted and expanded if necessary to evolve with the airport and its changing passenger requirements, setting the foundations for a continually improving customer experience. In addition to this successful targeted campaigns to outline regions have generated a significant increase in revenues.