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Top 5 CRM Technology Trends for 2023

18 Apr 2023
Victoria Wallace

CRM may have been one of the first types of sales and marketing technologies on the market, but in 2023, it will continue to be one of the largest software markets worldwide, worth an estimated $148.9 billion.

Alongside its phenomenal revenue growth, CRM tech is constantly evolving to provide better services and cater to ever-changing customer expectations. To stay ahead of the curve and be at the forefront of innovation, it’s crucial that your airport is aware of the latest CRM trends and considers them when adding new solutions to its tech stack. As the leading tech creators of CRM solutions for airports, Rezcomm is perfectly positioned to deliver some of the exciting innovations and trends shaping the industry.

1. The increased role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence right now, so it’ll be no surprise that CRM technology is evolving to leverage its capabilities. AI offers many benefits, including but not limited to improving user experiences, automating tasks, increasing operational efficiency and personalising communications.

Improving user experiences – AI will support your airport in identifying and analysing customer behaviour data from your CRM. You can then use the valuable insights you extract to create and send highly personalised customer messages to improve satisfaction and unlock revenue from repeat bookings.

Automating tasks Although automation has always been a crucial part of CRM systems, the type of automation we now see is even more comprehensive and advanced than ever. In recent years, CRMs have enabled airports and other businesses to automate many tasks, including updating customer data, sharing documents, and sending customer notifications. What this means for airports is that their customer support teams can focus on other, more essential tasks that require a human touch.

Increasing operational efficiency – AI in CRM software can help your airport improve operations, make better, more dynamic business decisions and mitigate potential challenges. It does this by identifying patterns from data in your CRM system and using it to predict outcomes and suggest what action to take.

Personalisation – AI can automate personalised, relevant messages based on your CRM’s rich customer data and preferences. For instance, when a customer books with your airport, a CRM with AI functionality will look at their previous purchases and preferences and use them to recommend and cross-sell similar products or services to increase revenue for your airport and offer a best-in-class customer experience.

AI is even more integral to CRM solutions because it can continually improve and refine itself (through Machine Learning) without human interaction to keep your airport on top of its customer relationship management.

2. Analytics-driven CRMs

Today businesses, including airports, continue to generate huge volumes of customer and marketing-related data and are increasingly looking for powerful analytics tools to process and report on data in real-time. As a result, CRM solutions are incorporating advanced analytics to give businesses a complete picture of their customers and a single, comprehensive view of all sales and marketing activities.

Rezcomm’s powerful CRM module bridges the gap between your airport and its customers. Plug in our cutting-edge Business modules to benefit from a full suite of Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting and Forecasting solutions.

3. Integration with IoT devices

Did you know the IoT market is anticipated to hit $2,465 billion by 2029, growing at an annual rate of 26.4%? In today’s data-driven world, IoT enables businesses to access a plethora of user data from a myriad of internet-connected devices that consumers interact with daily.

Integrated with CRM solutions, IoT is a game-changer, empowering airports and other businesses with insights from all customer touchpoints to deliver hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and create highly personalised customer experiences.

4. Business vertical specific CRM systems

The next stage in the evolution of CRM technology is verticalisation, driven by the specific needs of companies in certain sectors. At Rezcomm, we’re already steps ahead, with an industry-specific CRM solution for airports.

A significant benefit of vertical-specific CRM systems is that you can configure them more easily than generic CRMs. They are also developed with a suite of niche features to align with various processes unique to an industry and address specific pain points.

5. Condensed and connected tech stack

CRMs provide a host of benefits for businesses and are integral to their wellbeing. However, to realise the full potential of your CRM it must offer the flexibility to integrate with other tools and processes within your organisation.

From your ecommerce platform and email marketing system to your business intelligence and yield management tools, it’s crucial that it is all connected and easy to manage with single, centralised administration.

Keeping your data in sync will help your airport avoid human error, eliminate data silos, save time and enable you to gain a holistic view of your entire business and its customers. Refining your tech stack also has the potential to maximise ROI and achieve significant cost savings.

As we like to say at Rezcomm, ‘why use multiple suppliers when you can use just one?’ Modern CRM solutions are evolving and incorporating other key business technologies, such as sales, marketing and business intelligence solutions, so you can shrink your tech stack and do more with less.

If you’ve previously been paying for separate tools, it’s well worth looking into a best-in-class CRM like Rezcomm Marketplace that will unify your operations with a complete suite of advanced solutions for seamless customer experiences and intelligent performance.

Enhance CRM performance with Rezcomm

CRM software is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity for all airport managers wanting to capture real-time data, extract powerful insights and enhance the value provided to customers.

Now that you’re clued up on the latest CRM trends for 2023 and beyond, it’s time to re-evaluate your current technology. While your CRM may be ticking some of the boxes if you want to remain ahead of your competition and at the forefront of the airport industry, it’s time to switch to Rezcomm Marketplace and boost your CRM performance with our advanced suite of Business modules.

Our flexible and scalable plug-and-play Business modules have no setup fee and can be live in just two weeks. What’s more, our first-class tech creators are on hand every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of Rezcomm Marketplace.

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