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Airport Ecommerce Knowledgebase Used by Over 200 Airports Worldwide

10 Dec 2019
Marc Ive

Rezcomm’s FREE Ecommerce Goldmine is a complete resource for airport professionals. It contains information on boosting revenue, engaging customers and building passenger loyalty. It helps airports to identify missed opportunities, and to keep ahead of important trends in marketing, technology and consumer expectation. It can even help you to get your airport running more efficiently.

Put simply, if you’re interested in airport ecommerce and want to explore your airport’s potential, Rezcomm’s FREE Ecommerce Goldmine is for you.

At Rezcomm we pride ourselves on our industry experience and expertise: We’re forward thinking, future-proof and customer centred. Our goal is to make airport ecommerce easy, and to do this we think it’s important that we share our knowledge. We understand that you want people to park and fly with your airport. We also know that almost half the world’s airports hold data for fewer than 5% of their passengers, and this leads to endless missed opportunities.

But did you know that we create content specifically for airport professionals like you? Once a month we share industry-specific insights and ideas to make life easier. And did we mention that it’s completely FREE?

Our ‘Ecommerce Goldmine’ is designed to help you creatively and proactively address issues central to your competitive success. The content is designed specifically for you and your team with topics devised to equip commercial, operational and digital professionals across the airport sector. We give you up-to-the-minute trends, ideas for problem solving, insights into what market leaders are doing… and we explain how you can apply this knowledge in your day-to-day operations.

The Goldmine encompasses everything from strategy and best-practice guides, to practical advice with industry-specific examples, and we even share free webinars, eBooks and more. This year, our subscribers have received ideas about everything, from keeping email marketing and seasonal campaigns fresh to addressing topical issues like sustainability. We’ve collaborated with industry experts including Search Star Ltd, Boxever and for pieces on GDPR, PECR and data protection, and we’ve shared tips from Southend and Gatwick Airports about destination and travel marketing. We really do try to think of it all!

Not convinced yet? Here’s what our clients are saying:
“A very useful source of marketing insights.” – Paul Sturgess, Group Commercial Manager at Regional and City Airports
“The monthly email is really helpful. Fantastic tips and content!” – Jodie Ashworth, marketing coordinator at Southampton Airport

The Goldmine content is designed by Rezcomm’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Marks. Sarah is passionate about producing a comprehensive streamlined resource that reflects Rezcomm’s role as partner of choice for airports worldwide. She says:

“I think one of this year’s highlights was our webinar in which we were lucky to have speakers from Gatwick and Regional and City Airports discussing their first-hand experience of marketing success. It was wonderful to be able to share such valuable ideas, and to see the theories put into practice so creatively. At the moment I’m excited to be preparing content for 2020 and I can’t wait to share it with you!”

Director of Digital, Victoria Wallace says:

“It’s really great to see how the Ecommerce Goldmine has developed in the last few years. I’m proud that we are able to make the knowledge we’ve accrued so accessible, because there really isn’t anywhere else on the web where this level of industry-specific guidance exists.”

Rezcomm’s monthly #ecommerce goldmine is popular among #airport and #parking professionals providing valuable insight on boosting revenue, engaging customers and maximising efficiency. Want to see what you’re missing? Why not sign up today?

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