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5 Benefits of Prebook Parking

23 May 2019
Marc Ive

Advances in ecommerce and CRM technology have allowed for prebook parking to become widespread across the UK, Europe, Australasia, and Canada. The USA and South America has been slow to adopt this technology, but these regions are now seeing an explosion of airports wanting to implement prebook. Why? The answer is simple – prebook parking is of enormous benefit to both airport operators and their passengers. While customers’ lives are made easier and their parking experience improved, parking lots are able to increase efficiency and drastically reduce operating costs.

Not only can more money be generated from a parking lot without the need for major physical transformations, but for airports the lot can be better integrated into the whole passenger experience, creating a positive beginning and end to the journey of its passengers.

Below are five reasons why prebook services makes sense for the customers in their cars and for those operating the parking areas.

Peace of mind

Long stay pre-book parking gives airport passengers the reassurance that their car will be in safe hands during their holiday, but also relieves the stress of finding a space before departure. For other lots, for example in a municipality, the ability to book in advance will make any journey more relaxed and improve traffic congestion, by reducing the number of cars cruising around looking for spaces.

Long stay spaces can be sold for lower prices by the operator, giving the customer the sense that they’re getting a better deal, but actually maximising the amount of occupied spaces by more intelligent management of a parking lot’s capacity. However, some of Rezcomm’s airport clients have even found that passengers will even pay more than the gate tariff to ensure that crucial peace of mind.


Short stay parking can also be improved by pre-booking, allowing drivers to manage their time more effectively as they know when they are going to be parking. For anyone dropping off or picking up a passenger at an airport short stay spaces will generally be close to the terminal and this is reflected in the premium price.

Thanks to Rezcomm’s integration with leading parking technologies and our own software operators, smart management of parking lot occupancy can make more spaces available. For example if someone leaves a pre-booked space early, this space can then sold instantly to a new customer, instead of leaving it unavailable until the end of the original booking.

Tips and tricks around dynamic pricing structures for prebook parking can be read on our blog, here.

Premium Parking

Just like the many other opportunities passengers have to upgrade their experience while at the airport with extras such as lounge and fast track, parking lots can offer premium bonuses as well. Those who want to prebook a long stay space, but be closer to the terminal than the long stay lot, can opt to pay extra for premium parking spaces. These spaces come at an even higher premium than short stay spaces but provide increased peace of mind.

For transport hubs like airports, premium parking can be cross-sold as part of a passenger’s holiday booking or upsold from a regular parking booking.

Optional extras

In addition to premium spaces other services can be offered that will improve a customer’s experience and make life easier for them – like valet parking. When a customer prebooks valet parking a member staff will be waiting for them on arrival, parking their car so that the passengers can get to their destination quickly and with as little stress as possible.

Just like premium parking there’s a lot of potential for operators to cross and upsell valet parking, and offer it as a new service to drive ancillary revenues.

Special offers

One sure way to guarantee customer loyalty, and maximise the amount of spaces generating revenue, is to offer customers incentives or discounts. For airports these special offers can encourage customers to book early during the busy summer months or to travel to the airport in their car during off-peak times.

When integrated with Rezcomm’s CRM system these special offers can be sent out in the form of targeted emails campaigns. Customers in the system will receive offers tailored to their interests and which will encourage them to use the same parking lot again in the future.

In “6 Tips to Supercharge Your Marketing During Peak Times“, we explore the opportnunity Special Offers represent further.

To find out how Rezcomm can help transform your car park with our low-risk, easy-to-install solution, get in touch today. Not only can we implement smarter parking systems from scratch, we can also upgrade legacy services to optimise your parking operation even further. With our fully-managed systems and 24/7 support you and your customers can both enjoy the best possible parking experience all year round.

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