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Boost revenue and reduce cost with our intelligent and integrated parking solution

A new generation of parking solutions has been developed by parking, payment and marketing experts to meet the rapidly changing demands and expectations of a highly mobile population. The old-fashioned parking bay is now almost a thing of the past, replaced by parking hubs and smart parking solutions.

Consumers demand easy access, choice and value and they are happy to spend more for good service. Parking today has the potential to be at the core of a driver’s experience. Rather than existing as an add-on to other transactions, it belongs right at your profit centre.

At Rezcomm, we combine our many years of parking industry experience with innovative technical know-how to help you maximise your digital parking sales whilst simultaneously improving your customer’s experience of your parking lot or car park.

Rezcomm’s solutions are used by leading car-parking operators to maximise revenues and reduce operating costs. Fully integrated with the world’s leading vendors of parking equipment, the Rezcomm Marketplace offers a flexible, cost-effective, quick-to-market solution for any garage or car park asset owner wishing to realise optimal asset performance and maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Maximize your digital parking sales & reduce operating costs
  • Experience our full-circle, intelligent integrated parking solution
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Report on every activity in real time
  • Add new sales channels in minutes
  • Reduce your risk with our pay-as-you-go service
  • Zero capital expenditure costs

Your tech partner for parking, ecommerce, travel & CRM solutions.

Parking is no longer a nice add-on. It belongs at the heart of your revenue channels. So why not sell it directly from your website? With Rezcomm’s powerful all-in-one marketplace solution you can sell prebook parking and any ancillary products or services in a single basket.

Our vast parking industry experience, coupled with our innovative technical know-how makes us perfectly placed to help you maximize your digital parking sales. But unlike other eCommerce providers, we don’t just stop when a purchase is made. Our pioneering full-circle solution incorporates the entire customer lifecycle to improve their overall experience with your parking company and increase their lifetime value.

Monitor, manage and maximize your revenue streams with Rezcomm’s CRM, BI, analytics, and marketing solutions. Consolidate data from every touchpoint, in visual, time-saving reports and get to know your customers. Use powerful insights to improve customer experience, create personalized campaigns and manage content. Increase online parking bookings, encourage upsells and boost parking revenue year on year with returning customers.

Rezcomm’s smart and scalable solutions are used by leading parking operators to maximize revenue and reduce operating costs.

Fully integrated with the world’s leading vendors of parking equipment, the Rezcomm marketplace offers a flexible, cost-effective, and quick-to-market solution for any parking operator wishing to boost asset performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Interested in our intelligent integrated parking solutions? Working with Rezcomm is simple. We’ll plug our out-of-the-box solution straight into your existing website, customize it with your branding and tailor it to offer your customers the best possible experience.

With a seamless integration process, you’ll be ready for takeoff in just 8-12 weeks. Our UK-based experts will be with you every step of the way, providing on-going support 24/7, plus any additional training you require for your team.

And it doesn’t stop there. We work as partners, not suppliers, and we’re in it for the long haul; offering lifetime support and smart, scalable solutions to keep you at the top of your game. Chat to us about your parking operations and try our demo for free.

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