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Clients & Casestudies

Birmingham Airport

Discover how Rezcomm helped establish Birmingham Airport as an industry-leading ecommerce business with an extensive product range and successful digital marketing strategy.

Exeter Airport

Discover how Exeter Airport took ownership of their prebook sales and digital engagement with the Rezcomm marketplace.

Belfast City Airport

Find out how Belfast City Airport used the Rezcomm Marketplace to extend its on-site services and capture valuable customer data.

Memmingen Airport

Join us as we reveal how Memmingen Airport not only took control of its parking operations but significantly boosted revenue, leveraging the power of the Rezcomm marketplace.

Belfast International Airport

Join us as we reveal how Belfast International Airport used the Rezcomm marketplace to modernise its digital activities and increase its market share.

Ireland West Airport

Discover how Ireland West Airport used the Rezcomm Marketplace to introduce a wide range of prebook products and launch an effective digital engagement strategy.

City of Derry Airport

We worked with City of Derry Airport to extend their website functionality and reduce dependency on expensive 3rd party aggregators.


We don’t just work with airports! Learn about our collaboration with The Indigo Group – an industry-leading parking operator, to boost their online sales and digital presence.