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At Rezcomm, it’s the calibre of our people that sets us apart. We’re a collective of seasoned specialists with an eye on the future, always ready to bring fresh, innovative solutions to the table. We’re committed to hiring skilled talent that can help not just us, but also our clients, navigate tomorrow’s challenges with confidence. And when it comes to workplace satisfaction, our strong employee retention speaks for itself.

We’re a unique mix of emerging talent and experienced pros, all driven by a relentless passion for innovation. It’s more than just words for us—our solid industry track record proves we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the tempo.

  • Sector Specialists: A diverse team of experts in their respective fields.
  • Future-Ready: Geared to meet both current and future challenges.
  • Proven Track Record: Demonstrated industry success and leadership.
  • Global Reach: A team of over 80 professionals worldwide.

Meet our team

Behind every great company is a team of exceptional leaders. At Rezcomm, our senior management and department heads are industry experts committed to steering both our company and our clients towards success. With a diverse range of skills and a wealth of experience, they play a pivotal role in maintaining our reputation for innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction.

Marc Ive


Steering Rezcomm’s vision, Marc Ive serves as our CEO. Specialising in travel, parking, technology, and leisure industries, he is a transformational executive committed to driving innovation and success across the board.

Victoria Wallace

Chief Digital Officer

Orchestrating digital strategy, Victoria Wallace is Rezcomm’s Chief Digital Officer. With specialisations ranging from digital marketing and CRM to UX design and ecommerce, she is an expert in integrating innovation and technology to deliver outstanding results in sectors like travel, parking, and airports.

Alwyn Joy

Chief Technical Officer

Spearheading technological advancement, Alwyn Joy holds the role of Chief Technical Officer at Rezcomm. An expert in areas like Legacy to Cloud Migrations, Serverless Microservices, and Real-Time BI, he excels in managing distributed teams and implementing event-driven serverless applications.

Fiona McKeown

Chief Financial Officer

Navigating financial landscapes, Fiona McKeown serves as Rezcomm’s Chief Financial Officer. With a rich background in advising SMEs and IT startups on finance and HR, she now leverages her expertise in operational and corporate finance, as well as investment rounds.

Sarah Marks

Director Of Communications

Cultivating Rezcomm’s brand presence, Sarah Marks is our Director of Communications. A T-shaped marketer at heart, she has a broad skill set, with a particular passion for SEO and email marketing. While her core focus is on strengthening Rezcomm’s brand, she also provides strategic advice to clients.

Emma Howard

Commercial Financial Controller

Navigating the financial landscape at Rezcomm, Emma Howard serves as our Financial Controller. Her keen commercial insight ensures the solidity of our financial operations, laying a foundation for long-term growth.

Pinaki Sengupta

Head of Development

Guiding software development at Rezcomm, Pinaki Sengupta is our Head of Development. With more than 25 years of experience, he offers extensive expertise in crafting complex ecommerce systems and enterprise solutions across multiple technical stacks.

Shailesh Kalingapuram

Head of Serverless Integrations

Driving serverless innovation, Shailesh Kalingapuram is Rezcomm’s Head of Serverless Integrations. With 23 years of experience, he excels in crafting high-performing, secure, and scalable solutions across various sectors.

Gaurav Pareek

Head of Infrastructure

Ensuring optimal performance, Gaurav Pareek is Rezcomm’s Head of Infrastructure. Specialising in system architecture and network management, he makes sure our platforms are robust, reliable, and ready to scale. Gaurav’s expertise is crucial for maintaining the high availability and security standards that Rezcomm’s clients expect.

Martyn Evans

Programme Manager

Spearheading project excellence, Martyn Evans serves as Rezcomm’s PMO. With 30 years of management experience, he’s a trusted advisor for executing diverse strategic projects globally. His cultural expertise, honed through international work, makes him crucial for successful project delivery.

John Butterfield

Senior Project Manager

Orchestrating large-scale projects, John Butterfield is our Senior Project Manager. He excels in task execution, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and timely completion. John’s dedication to meeting deadlines is a cornerstone of our project success.

Jack Ive

Senior Account Director

With over six years of dedicated service at Rezcomm, Jack plays a pivotal role in empowering our clients to fully leverage our solutions. His commitment extends beyond just managing accounts; he is instrumental in nurturing and strengthening client relationships, particularly in expanding our reach into new territories.

Reece Wynne

Senior Product Manager

Driving product innovations, Reece Wynne is our Senior Product Manager. With more than eight years in diverse management roles, he’s been crucial in shaping our Marketplace and initiating transformative training programmes. Reece’s wide-ranging experience makes him adept at handling fast-paced, complex projects.