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Deliver a comfortable, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe and contactless customer experience around the clock.

Add our venue services to your airport or venue quickly and easily with QR codes. Simply add a QR code to your signage to give customers access to your digital and contactless services.

  • Inspire customers and grow your marketing base with Rezcomm’s venue tools.
  • Bring your customers back with tools designed to give confidence to travel.
  • Deliver safe, contactless experiences while streamlining processes to achieve operational excellence.
  • Reduce your operating costs (and risk) with zero set-up fees and a pay-as-you-go service.
  • Launch your Venue services in just a matter of days with our accelerated launch program.

A sneak peek just for you…

Bring customers back to your airport or venue. Discover how to harness the power of QR codes and deliver a fully contactless experience with Rezcomm.

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Venue Modules

Pay By Phone

Streamline parking and service payments with mobile-based Pay by Phone. Cut operational costs and boost revenue through additional on-demand services. Leverage in-depth analytics to optimise customer interactions and build long-term digital relationships.

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Virtual Queuing

Improve the journey through your airport or venue. Virtual Queuing enables customers to pre-book a time of arrival anywhere queues typically exist. Offer a fully contactless experience with e-tickets on your customers’ mobile devices.

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Wi-Fi Data Capture

Turn Wi-Fi access points into data capture opportunities. Gain real-time customer insights for targeted marketing and personalised experiences. Convert anonymous foot traffic into engaged customers to drive revenue and enhance service offerings.

KPI & Feedback

Harness real-time customer feedback to improve services and customer satisfaction instantly. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems for automatic issue resolution. Make data-driven decisions that boost revenue and build loyalty, all while ensuring a safer, contact-free customer experience.


Why use multiple suppliers when you can use just one?

Our Venue modules are just one part of the Rezcomm plug-and-play airport marketplace. Download the full brochure and discover our complete solution for seamless customer experiences. Switch on the modules you need today and know tomorrow everything else is at your fingertips. We’re ready when you are.

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