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Bremen Airport


Bremen Airport (BRE) welcomed 1,491,021 passengers in 2022, marking an impressive increase of 136.93% compared to the previous year. Located in Northwest Germany, BRE serves as a major connection point for the region with direct flights to 31 destinations and partnerships with up to 14 airlines. Its extensive catchment area, serving approximately 10 million people, and strong ties with a host of businesses and industries, including the world’s second largest Mercedes-Benz plant, aerospace companies, and the food industry, mark BRE as a significant hub of connectivity and progress.

Within the ecommerce landscape, BRE has selected Rezcomm as their partner to help enhance their services and overall passenger experience. By leveraging innovative digital tools provided by Rezcomm, BRE is keen to propel its services forward, particularly in the area of pre-book parking. The aim is to unlock the potential of online commerce and provide passengers with a seamless, hassle-free experience that begins before they even reach the airport.

BRE’s partnership with Rezcomm highlights their commitment to enhancing the passenger experience. Utilizing Rezcomm’s innovative pre-book parking system, BRE provides a seamless start to journeys, emphasizing convenience, and demonstrating their drive for progress and customer-focused innovation.