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City of Derry Airport


Located in Northern Ireland, City of Derry Airport (LDY) plays a crucial role in the region’s connectivity. In 2022, LDY facilitated travel for approximately 163,000 passengers, demonstrating its growing influence in the local travel and tourism industry.

LDY embarked on a transformative journey to reduce dependency on expensive third-party aggregators and expand their in-house operations. With the collaboration of Rezcomm, LDY was able to implement a parking booking system on their website, leading to a more direct engagement with their customers. The successful implementation of this system led to further enhancements, including the addition of holidays and other travel products to their online marketplace.

The partnership with Rezcomm resulted in the development of a fully branded booking portal, offering a seamless customer experience. Through optimized pricing and the ability to quickly add new products and services, LDY achieved a significant reduction in dependency on third-party aggregators. This collaboration not only improved customer experience but also provided LDY with access to vital passenger data, laying the groundwork for future marketing campaigns.

City of Derry Airport-Parking-Four-Devices-Gathered