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Cornwall Airport Newquay


Situated in the picturesque landscape of Cornwall, England, Cornwall Airport Newquay (NQY) is a testament to the power of innovation and digital transformation in the aviation industry. In 2022, NQY welcomed over 250,000 passengers, marking a significant 138% increase from the previous year. This growth, indicative of NQY’s expanding airline portfolio and the introduction of new destinations, underscores the airport’s commitment to enhancing its services and offering an ever-growing route network.

Within the digital realm, NQY has made notable strides, particularly through its collaboration with Rezcomm. This partnership empowers NQY to take control of its sales channels, reducing reliance on third-party vendors. With the implementation of a prebook parking solution, the airport has enhanced its customer service while also gaining a deeper understanding of its passengers.

At the heart of this digital transformation is Rezcomm Marketplace, a robust and user-friendly platform facilitating parking bookings. This platform simplifies the process for passengers and provides NQY with valuable customer data, enabling the airport to better tailor its services to passenger needs. This collaboration between NQY and Rezcomm has primed the airport for ongoing success in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

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