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Gatwick Airport


Gatwick Airport, nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, is a bustling hub of air travel, welcoming 32.8 million passengers in 2022. This impressive figure represents a remarkable recovery of 71% of its pre-pandemic traffic. The airport serves as a significant gateway for both local and international travellers, boasting a wide range of services to enhance passenger experience.

Gatwick’s partnership with Rezcomm has been essential in propelling its ecommerce goals forward. The airport leverages Rezcomm’s Plug-and-Play Airport Marketplace to offer customers the opportunity to book their flights and holiday services directly at, encouraging direct bookings and improving customer engagement. This strategic collaboration also allows Gatwick to build, develop, and utilise a single view of the customer to offer personalised recommendations. As a result, Gatwick can incentivise direct bookings with attractive propositions such as free Fast Track with every flight, improving the overall passenger experience and fostering customer loyalty.

Looking ahead, Gatwick is focused on increasing visibility and engagement through multiple channels, integrating with reward schemes, and optimising its flight search functionality, all with the aim of strengthening its ecommerce presence and enhancing the passenger experience.

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