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Hamilton International Airport


Centrally located in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Hamilton International Airport (YHM) continually demonstrates an unwavering commitment to its passengers. Having welcomed well over half a million passengers in 2022, YHM aims to develop meaningful relationships with travelers and adapt its services to meet their evolving needs.

This commitment is reflected in YHM’s collaboration with Rezcomm, resulting in the successful 2023 launch of an intuitive online parking module. This enhancement to YHM’s digital capabilities marked a significant step towards accommodating passenger needs, fulfilling a longstanding demand for pre-booked parking options, and introducing new services with no extra burden on the airport team.

The smooth soft launch of the pre-book parking service has been met with positive feedback from customers and airport staff. Looking ahead, YHM plans to kick off targeted marketing activities to boost awareness and keep their passengers engaged. YHM’s successful collaboration with Rezcomm mirrors its ongoing dedication to delivering outstanding passenger experience.