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Inverness Airport


Inverness Airport (INV), located in the Scottish Highlands, is an international airport that offers travellers a gateway to the scenic North of Scotland. In the 2022/23 financial year, INV witnessed an impressive upswing of 63.5% in passenger numbers, successfully serving over 750,000 passengers.

Recognising the evolving needs of their passengers, INV has made a significant stride in the ecommerce space, focusing primarily on streamlining the pre-booking parking process. By integrating this digital solution, INV is committed to creating a seamless, hassle-free journey for travellers right from the outset. Through this initiative, INV is not only enhancing the passenger experience but also optimising its operational efficiency by effectively managing the parking capacities and resources.

In collaboration with Rezcomm, INV has significantly transformed its pre-book parking operations, providing its passengers with a simple, user-friendly platform to reserve their parking slots in advance. This partnership leverages Rezcomm’s cutting-edge solutions to offer an intuitive, reliable, and efficient pre-book parking system. As a result, travellers can plan their journeys with ease, knowing they have a guaranteed parking space waiting for them upon their arrival. This collaboration underscores INV’s dedication to progress, action, and continuous improvement, all aimed at delivering an unrivalled airport experience for its passengers.