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iPark Glasgow


iPark Glasgow, located at Glasgow Airport, offers convenient and secure parking solutions for travellers. As part of their strategic objectives to enhance customer experience and optimise revenue streams, iPark partnered with Rezcomm. Launched in 2020, they introduced pre-book parking for the first time with Rezcomm’s platform, marking a significant milestone in their operational journey.

By introducing Rezcomm’s pre-booking module, iPark Glasgow added a new revenue stream, significantly enhancing their financial performance. This addition has also improved operational efficiency, allowing them to monitor traveller activity, manage customer interactions, and maximise revenue opportunities. Detailed customer profiles enable personalised experiences, boosting engagement and loyalty.

Key benefits include advanced yield management for flexible tariffs and promotions, a fully responsive website, and a pre-book solution ensuring a seamless user experience. Through leveraging Rezcomm’s cutting-edge technology, iPark Glasgow has not only improved customer experience but also achieved robust growth. With a solid foundation and continuous innovation, they are poised for sustained success and future opportunities.