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Ireland West Airport


Ireland West Airport (NOC) served as a bustling hub of travel and exploration in 2022, welcoming 722,000 passengers, a large 314% increase compared to the previous year. This growth underlines NOC’s critical role within the community and its increasing prominence as a point of connectivity for the region. Ireland West’s commitment to expand and adapt its services has been instrumental in accommodating the needs of its growing passenger base.

In response to the evolving landscape of the travel industry, NOC has embarked on an ambitious journey into the ecommerce space. The objective is to establish an integrated online platform for passengers to pre-book services such as parking, lounge access, and fast track products. This digital transformation aims to address a previously missed opportunity for additional revenue and to enhance the convenience of passenger travel experiences.

To make this vision a reality, Ireland West Airport teamed up with Rezcomm. This partnership gave NOC the tools to start a comprehensive digital strategy, launching a variety of pre-book products on the platform. The results? Passengers are spending more, the airport is managing prices better, and operations are more efficient. It also shows how committed NOC is to moving forward, innovating, and providing outstanding customer service.

From the team at NOC:

At Ireland West Airport, we have already seen a huge increase in pre-book sales from partnering with Rezcomm. They deliver the promised results on time, within budget and with a great ROI. The plug-and-play marketplace offers the flexibility and scalability to increase our product offerings and develop our business at our own pace. All the tools we need are at our fingertips, and it’s reassuring knowing the experts at Rezcomm are on-hand with advice and support. Their client service is excellent, and we’d happily recommend them to other airports wishing to improve their online booking systems and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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