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Nuremberg Airport


Situated in the South of Germany, Nuremberg Airport (NUE) has earned its recognition as the region’s second-busiest airport. With over three million passengers in 2022 alone, NUE plays a significant role in Germany’s transport infrastructure. A testament to its commitment to high-quality service and continuous development, Nuremberg Airport proudly stands among the top 10 international airports in Germany.

NUE is about more than just flights; it’s about providing a comprehensive travel experience. This ethos has guided Nuremberg Airport ‘s dedicated efforts to enhance its ecommerce offerings. A standout example is the implementation of a pre-bookable lounge service, which improves the customer experience by providing an additional layer of convenience and luxury to their journey.

The collaboration with Rezcomm has been a transformative factor in NUE’s ecommerce evolution. Selected as the airport’s tech partner in 2019, Rezcomm successfully replaced NUE’s previous pre-book parking system with Rezcomm Marketplace. This new system, tailored to meet NUE’s specific needs, includes features like bookable lounge services, thereby enhancing passenger experience and adding additional revenue streams for the airport. As NUE marches towards a future filled with growth and innovation, its partnership with Rezcomm ensures that it remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional customer experience.

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