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Regional and City Airport Group (RCA)


Regional and City Airport Group (RCA) entrusts its pre-book parking platform to Rezcomm. The platform not only facilitates seamless pre-book parking but also offers an array of additional services, including executive lounge access and fast track options, across three of the group’s prominent airports: Exeter Airport (EXT), Bournemouth Airport (BOH), and Norwich Airport (NWI). With a focus on enhancing customer experience and optimizing revenue generation, Regional and City Airport Group has partnered with Rezcomm to revolutionize their digital engagement strategy.

Recognizing the need to streamline their operations and consolidate their customer touchpoints, RCA approached Rezcomm with a clear objective: to take greater ownership of their pre-book sales and digital interactions. In the past, the group heavily relied on third-party parking operators, resulting in fragmented customer experiences that didn’t align with their brand identity. Rezcomm Marketplace presented an ideal opportunity for RCA to regain control and establish a cohesive customer journey.

By adopting Rezcomm’s innovative platform, RCA has gained invaluable advantages. The comprehensive on-site booking service enables travelers to conveniently reserve parking, access executive lounges, and utilize fast track options, all in line with the airports’ distinctive brand standards. Furthermore, Rezcomm’s yield management tools empower the group to optimize product uptake, driving revenue growth. Centralized data management and control of distribution channels have provided actionable insights, facilitating improved marketing strategies tailored to passenger preferences.

As a result of this successful partnership, RCA has effectively taken ownership of their pre-book sales and digital engagement. With Rezcomm’s support, the group continues to forge ahead in the aviation industry, embracing digital transformation, optimizing operations, and delivering a customer-centric approach across Exeter, Bournemouth, and Norwich airports.

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