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Salzburg Airport


Salzburg Airport (SZG) is Austria’s second-largest airport and a key hub for travel and tourism. Despite global challenges, in 2022, the airport welcomed over 958,000 passengers in the first three quarters, demonstrating its resilience and the confidence of its customers.

SZG is actively adapting to the digital transformation sweeping across the airport industry. It recognizes the need to evolve with technology and prepare for a future marked by increased automation and new job roles. Their journey is not just about adopting new tech, but also rethinking how things are done to improve operations and customer experience.

In partnership with Rezcomm, SZG is enhancing its ecommerce services. Rezcomm’s pre-book parking platform has simplified parking for travelers and improved customer experience. Together, they plan to expand this service to include airport tours and events, showing a commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and digital transformation.

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