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Turning disparate data into a strategic advantage

This suite is your access to unparalleled operational insight, offering real-time analytics for improved service delivery and proactive problem-solving.

  • Explore operational metrics through user-friendly dashboards that spotlight essential data points
  • Facilitates strategic resource allocation and decision-making that keeps you two steps ahead
  • Designed for seamless integration with a wide range of existing operational systems, ensuring no critical data remains siloed

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By leveraging this real-time data, you’re not just monitoring operations; you’re anticipating them.


CPMS Dashboard

This innovative dashboard offers real-time monitoring of car park entries and exits and integrates effortlessly with existing Car Park Managmeent Systems (CPMS)/Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) through advanced API and SFTP integrations.

It enables proactive management by providing a comprehensive view of parking flow dynamics, real-time occupancy insights, and the ability to adjust parking allocations based on actual demand.

Audit Logs Dashboard

Provides administrators with comprehensive visibility into system access and activities, meticulously tracking each action within the system to boost operational integrity and compliance with data protection regulations.

Features include detailed activity tracking, monitoring of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), permissions for compliance support, and proactive issue identification through real-time monitoring.

Car Park Occupancy Dashboard

Integrates smoothly with any Car Park Management Systems (CPMS)/ Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) and Online Booking Systems (OBS), facilitating effective decision-making and operational efficiency.

Features include real-time occupancy monitoring, improved operational efficiency through near real-time data, and enhanced parking experiences by enabling dynamic resource allocation.

Booking Dashboard

This advanced dashboard integrates with both external systems and Rezcomm’s Online Booking Systems (OBS), delivering comprehensive booking information to improve parking operations and passenger experience.

Key features include detailed booking insights for a deep understanding of current occupancy and future demand, seamless system integration for a unified view of booking data, and data-driven management for informed operational decisions.

Demand Observability Dashboard

By integrating predictive analytics with search and booking data, it enables operators to anticipate demand trends and make strategic pricing and capacity management decisions.

Exclusive to Rezcomm OBS, this dashboard boosts operational efficiency, revenue optimisation, and market responsiveness, providing a complete solution to maximise revenue potential and enhance passenger experience.

Search Analytics Dashboard

This cutting-edge tool supports strategic decision-making by analysing search data for yield management and campaign effectiveness.

With its real-time data capabilities and comprehensive integration with Rezcomm OBS, airports and service operators can dynamically adjust operations to align with passenger demand, optimising revenue and enhancing the passenger experience.

PSP Logs Dashboard

Designed to securely log every payment attempt within the ecosystem, stripping sensitive information to comply with data protection laws while providing an in-depth overview of transaction activities.

Exclusively compatible with Rezcomm OBS, this dashboard offers real-time analysis of transactional trends and errors, supporting swift operational adjustments and proactive issue resolution.

Fast Track Observability Dashboard

The Fast Track Observability Dashboard, exclusive to Rezcomm OBS, equips operations teams with hour-by-hour insights into fast track demand and throughput.

Providing real-time data, it enables the optimisation of lane operations and staffing, enhancing passenger flow and overall service efficiency. By monitoring demand and dynamically adjusting resources, it ensures minimal wait times and maximum passenger satisfaction.

Lounge Observability Dashboard

The Lounge Observability Dashboard enhances airport lounge operations by providing detailed, real-time insights into demand and occupancy.

Integrated with Rezcomm OBS, it facilitates precise monitoring of lounge bookings and occupancy, enabling management to optimise operations and ensure passenger comfort. By supporting effective capacity management and service allocation, it enhances passenger experience and aids in operational planning.

Web Analytics Dashboard

The Web Analytics Dashboard, a key component of the Rezcomm Data Observability Suite, introduces airport, parking operators and service providers to advanced web traffic and user engagement analysis.

Integrated with Rezcomm’s Online Booking System (OBS), it provides real-time insights without relying on third-party cookies, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. This dashboard sheds light on user behaviour by offering detailed analytics on site visits, page views, and engagement metrics.

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Enhance your operational control, turning disparate data into a strategic advantage. We enable airports and parking operators to monitor everything from user activities to system changes, concentrating on product performance across all services.

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