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COVID-19 Testing

Our COVID-19 testing platform can be launched as a stand-alone service or integrated with your chosen testing centre. Offer passengers the convenience of pre-booking a COVID-19 test directly from your website. Define how many tests are available in any given period to ensure your centre is organised and offers a positive experience to your passengers.

Queueless Journeys

Create a safer journey through your airport with Queueless Journeys. Enable passengers to pre-book a time of arrival anywhere queues typically exist, i.e. airline check-in, lounges, or security in an airport terminal. With an e-ticket available on their mobile device, passengers can pass through your airport without touching any buttons or surfaces.

Contactless Customer Service

Remove the need for face-to-face customer support desks at your airport. Instead, invite your passengers to scan a QR code at your airport to access your digital support portal. There they can get answers to FAQs from your automated system or connect with your airport’s remote customer service team via live chat or phone.

KPI and Feedback System

Collect real-time feedback from passengers at various touchpoints before, during and after their journey with our touchless KPI and Feedback System. Passengers scan a QR code displayed at your airport to leave their feedback in real-time so you can take corrective action immediately or reward when appropriate. Incentivise passengers to give feedback with loyalty points and collect their marketing permission in the process.

Email and SMS Sending Services

Communicate your COVID-safe airport experience with passengers and reassure them of your plans with our easy-to-use Email and SMS Sending Services. Email or text your entire database at once, send personalised communications to a segment or automate hyper-personalised communications for each of your passengers. Increase passengers’ confidence in travelling through your airport and win their loyalty with personalised offers and incentives.

Contactless Fast Track Bookings

Unlock revenue and improve passenger experience with contactless fast track for airport security. Eliminate the need for touchscreen terminals. Passengers scan a QR code, checkout via their mobile device and use it as their fast track ticket.

Taxi and Bus Pre-Book

Stop crowds of people dwelling outside your terminal by offering a pre-book taxi and bus service on your website. Pre-booked ticketing is safer and more convenient for passengers who wish to use public transport. Improve your overall airport experience by ensuring customers have a seat on their journey to and from your airport.