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Take control of your parking operations with our comprehensive and powerful solution

Efficiently manage live occupancy, capacity, and pricing while providing customers the convenience of pre-booking or reserving parking spaces. With its dynamic pricing capabilities and extensive product management tools, the Parking module helps airports and venues maximize returns on their parking assets.

  • Easily create and manage various types of parking products
  • Build tariff structures with fixed, variable, flexible, and capped rates
  • Increase customer spend by offering free or paid upgrades within the booking journey

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With Rezcomm, your customers can book, reserve, and manage their entire journey in one place, from the one brand they trust - yours.

Key Features:

Parking Venue Management

Enable customers to search and book parking via your ecommerce site by managing physical locations of your car parks effortlessly.

CPMS Management

Manage your CPMS/PARCS integration easily, ensuring a stable connection between your CPMS and your ecommerce site for seamless customer booking experiences.

Occupancy Management

Optimise operations by viewing live occupancy, managing capacity and taking instant action to adjust car park occupancy levels as needed.

Occupancy Alerts

Receive email notifications when car park occupancy nears full capacity, enabling timely actions to manage and optimise parking operations.

Product Management

Create, edit, and manage Parking products with ease, showcasing unique selling points and guiding customers to the car parking area.

Tariff Management

Set up and customise tariffs effortlessly with a user-friendly system, manually or by uploading a CSV, keeping tariff management simple and effective.

Yield Management

Streamline pricing strategies with Rezcomm’s advanced Yield Management tolls, adjusting prices based on various factors for maximised revenue.

Product Blackout

Temporarily make products unavailable on your ecommerce site during specific periods, aiding in managing large booking or other special events.

Parking Upsell

Easily configure upsell opportunities during reservation bookings, enhancing customer experience and increasing revenue with premium product offerings.


Offer complementary products seamlessly during the booking journey, enhancing customer experience and increasing their spend with your business.

Promotion Management

Create bespoke promotions to attract new customers, boost sales and reward loyalty, managing all promotions easily from one dashboard.

Parking Occupancy Reporting

Access advanced reporting tools to understand business performance, view and download occupancy reports for insightful analysis.

Parking Occupancy Birds Eye

View and download daily parking occupancy reports effortlessly, gaining a clear perspective of occupancy trends for better management.

Forecasting and Business Intelligence

Leverage powerful BI tools for an integrated business view, making data-driven decisions to increase profits and stay competitive.

Parking Financial Reports

Generate and extract finance reports effortlessly, empowering informed decisions and better management of your parking business operations.


Find out more about our Parking Module

Rezcomm's Parking module is an innovative solution for airports and high traffic zones looking to optimize their parking operations and enhance the customer experience.

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