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Revolutionize your airport or venue experience with this state-of-the-art solution

This innovative module allows customers to purchase parking, security fast track tickets, and various other services using their mobile devices, streamlining the customer experience and creating a wealth of opportunities for airports and venues to boost revenue and gather valuable data.

  • Pay by Phone integrates with existing parking reservation systems
  • Enable simple QR Code Scanning to promote convenience and efficiency
  • Beyond parking, create opportunities to cross-sell other airport and venue based on-demand products and services
  • Benefit from customer engagement tools designed to build a long-term digital relationships
  • Gain valuable insights into parking and other services occupancy rates, peak usage times, and revenue

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Our Pay by Phone Module is a game-changer for airports and venues

Providing a comprehensive and integrated solution to manage parking and other services without the high costs associated with asset refresh and pay-on-foot machines.

Key Features:

Seamless parking payment

Integrate Pay by Phone effortlessly with existing parking systems. This compatibility across various parking equipment allows customers to reserve and pay using mobile devices, reducing reliance on costly pay-on-foot machines. The result? Significant savings and heightened automation for airports and venues.

Simple QR code scanning

Strategically placed across the terminal, these QR codes let customers swiftly book security fast track tickets and more, enhancing convenience for passengers and streamlining operations for staff.

On-demand airport services

Use this module to offer a variety of airport and venue services such security fast track tickets, lounge access, appointments, meeting rooms, car rentals, and baggage storage, amplifying customer satisfaction and driving additional revenue.

Customer engagement tools

After an initial purchase via Pay by Phone, customers can subscribe to marketing, receive promotions as rewards for loyalty, be sent vouchers or coupons, provide feedback, and even participate in gamified experiences like ‘spin to win.’ These tools are designed to build a long-term digital relationships with passengers and customers, ensuring ongoing engagement and loyalty.

Cross-selling and data collection

Use this tool to unlock opportunities for airports and venues to cross-sell products and services, incentivizing passengers to provide marketing consent. By tailoring the customer experience, airports can gather valuable data while increasing revenue from a captive audience.

Data analytics and reporting

The Pay by Phone Module offers a deep dive into service occupancy rates, peak times, and earnings, empowering airports and venues with the data needed to refine operations and launch targeted marketing campaigns to encourage repeat business.

Flexibility and future-proofing

Compatibility across various parking equipment systems and venue-based platforms ensures a smooth and seamless transition from kiosk-based services to an online platform, offering flexibility and future-proofing for any airport or venue-based operation.


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By harnessing mobile technology and data analytics, airports and venues can create a seamless customer experience, build loyalty, and increase revenue, all while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs

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