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Rezcomm’s signing of Memmingen Airport increases non-aero revenue

28 Jun 2018
Marc Ive

Since FMM, based in Bavaria, Germany, signed up to Rezcomm’s ecommerce pre-book parking and CRM service in January 2018, the airport has seen an increase in its non-aeronautical revenue in only a few months.

Andreas Lortiz, Head of Non-Aviation said; “We are very pleased with the performance of Rezcomm, in such a short time their Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has already seen very pleasing results for Memmingen Airport. Non-aviation revenue is a very important source of income for us and the Shop and Engage service has becoming indispensable in helping us meet our goal of giving all of our passengers the best service possible.

The integration of Rezcomm Shop’s prebook system, which is branded identically to FMM’s own website feel and style, has allowed the airport to maximise visitor interaction and increase their sales through a combination of a smart booking journey and a carefully managed product selection.

The airport also credits their record increases in ancillary sales on Rezcomm Engage’s CRM system, which assesses behavioural and buying trends to more effectively engage with, and therefore better monetise, its passengers. Memmingen have shown that Engage’s intuitive interface and ability to send targeted marketing emails to its passengers through the system can be a very powerful tool. They are now enjoying record click-through rates.

Mr Loritz also added: “Rezcomm’s support has been excellent, they are very responsive and help us understand how to get the most out of the system. We look forward to working with them as partners going forward.”

Memmingen Airport handled almost 1.2m passengers in 2017. It has the highest altitude of any airport in Germany and its flights are to mostly leisure destinations in Europe.

In the future, FMM plan to make use of Rezcomm’s Travel service, a fully managed online travel agency platform integrated to the airport’s website, in order to boost their routes, increase traffic to and engagement with the website and of course, generate additional revenue.

For more information about Rezcomm’s products and services, and to see how Rezcomm can help your airport achieve a dramatic boost in non-aero revenue, please contact our team.