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Rezcomm announce new ground-breaking parking and e-commerce platform will go live January 2019

20 Nov 2018
Marc Ive

Marc Ive, CEO at Rezcomm, says:

We understand the importance tech decisions have on the success of an airport’s non-aeronautical revenue. That’s why we created a unique omnichannel e-commerce platform in Rezcomm Shop that combines e-commerce, analytics and digital engagement in one powerful platform, capable of tipping the scales to deliver game changing advantages.

The newly upgraded platform offers an all-encompassing, future-proof parking and e-commerce solution, which Rezcomm’s Parking Services Director, Neil Robson, describes as, “Evolution not revolution”.

Whilst Rezcomm Shop has always provided industry-specific sales and marketing capabilities for airports and other transportation and venue-based sectors, the major upgrade represents painstaking research into best practices in e-commerce and digital engagement. The result is something very special that airports can have complete confidence in.

The upgrade also highlights a determination to move beyond traditional ROI, and to really understand what drives both customer behaviour and incremental commercial gains.

Putting the airport passenger first
Rezcomm’s unique approach to partnering with airports worldwide provided its internal IT lab with unparalleled insight into customer demographics, shopping trends and booking behaviours across over a quarter of a billion passengers. Together this information has been channelled into designing a solution which supports the end-to-end airport experience for leisure and business passengers alike.

This in-depth passenger research has also been complimented by detailed studies of best-of-breed strategies from parallel industries including hotels, airlines and off-street parking operators to name just a few. This unique combination of insight and research has allowed Rezcomm to create an industry leading parking and e-commerce platform where every feature and function has been carefully tailored to meet passenger’s exact needs.

Victoria Wallace, Director of Digital at Rezcomm says:

Airport passenger needs are at the very heart of this project and we’ve already received some fantastic feedback. I have no doubt the new platform will outperform all expectations and I am excited to see what it will achieve.

Picture perfect
During development of the latest version of the platform, the team worked to a detailed catalogue of features, covering marketing, tracking, booking and security. These represent areas specifically identified by airports as fundamental to their e-commerce objectives.

According to Neil Robson, the sea change lies in visualisation:

Our clients are particularly impressed by the visualisation capabilities of the new system,” he says, “Both for consumers who can buy on a much more intuitive level, and in the back-office functions that inform vital business decisions.

In recent years it has become clear just how powerful visualisation can be – research shows that when information is paired with a relevant image, a customer will retain as much as 65% of that information three days later compared with only 10% for written content. Eye-tracking studies show that Internet users spend more time looking at images than they do reading text on a page.

Rezcomm Shop offers advanced visualisation capabilities within the content management system (CMS), giving full control over display, galleries and imagery, and providing immediate operational insights. While it might take several minutes to read a traditional spreadsheet-style report, data visualisation harnesses the brain’s ability to interpret images in milliseconds. Imagine how valuable this extra speed can be when responding to a rapidly shifting sales and marketing environment.

Images and visualisation techniques are also used extensively across Rezcomm Shop’s customer interface, streamlining the customer experience and prompting increased sales.

Neatly coupling customer experience with a greater ability to manage the back office – improving efficiency in yield management through annual visualisation of occupancy and flexible tariffs (including simulation and visualisation daily, monthly and annually), and maximising revenue with promotional offers including a simple upgrade function – Rezcomm Shop steps forward as the all-in-one product of choice for airports and parking asset owners.

What can I expect?
Rezcomm Shop offers many new features that benefit both operator and customer.

The new SMARTsearch widget launched by Rezcomm in advance of the unveiling of Shop gives some indication of things to come. The widget, designed on the premise that the two key factors of a customer’s purchasing decision are based on convenience and cost, does away with cumbersome booking forms, and instead guides the customer through the reservation in an intuitive and familiar way.


Another element, which is unique to Rezcomm Shop within the airport industry, is the use of bespoke, illustrated 3D parking maps. Immediately recognisable to consumers who regularly use parking apps, but distinctive within airport parking, these map views give a clear visualisation of the information most important to the customer; the convenience and cost of various products including all parking options. The ease with which the customer can see the various booking choices creates plenty of opportunity for the airport to offer value add cross-selling.


There is plenty of new visualisation in booking lounges too. This is an important aspect because more passengers than ever are now using airport lounges for greater convenience and an overall better travelling experience.

Another advantage comes in Rezcomm Shop’s ability to display and link to airport concessions, highlighting goods and services such as currency, car hire, attraction tickets, and even travel products from online retail giant Amazon. These commission-based partnerships provide the potential for ancillary sales to grow incrementally, and for the airport website to truly become a one-stop-shop for a delighted customer.

Airports partnering with Rezcomm can also be confident of the software’s full integration into their existing website, comprehensive training on both Rezcomm’s Shop and Engage platforms, a fully responsive, mobile optimised pre-book solution for customers, and seamless migration of data from any current legacy system to the new solution with no impact on current operations.

Innovation based on experience
The latest upgrade represents an ongoing ethos of progress within Rezcomm. Not content to sit back on an impressive record for innovation and partnership, the Rezcomm team continues to develop its offering in the best interest of its airport associates. The next year will see further development across products, with hints at the integration of tried and tested technologies including customer-facing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI).

For 2019, Rezcomm’s upgrade amalgamates best practice across the industries.

Based on a solid foundation of extensive industry experience, analysis of vast amounts of passenger data science, retail and fact, the software has evolved to take the guesswork out of e-commerce. Its launch will see Rezcomm retaining its status as industry disrupters and technology innovators across the airport and parking sectors.

Marc Ive, CEO at Rezcomm, adds:

Our objective is to give our clients a competitive edge, and that’s exactly what we have delivered. We believe we’ve re-written the script when it comes to our latest upgrade to Rezcomm Shop, and we’re truly excited to be bringing our latest innovations to market. We’re confident Rezcomm Shop will outmaneuver and outperform rival platforms.

If your airport would like an early access demonstration of Rezcomm’s new ground-breaking parking and e-commerce platform please call +44 (0)1392 249310 or use our contact us form to request more information.