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How to Boost Revenue from Satisfied Passengers with Airport Retail Software

26 Oct 2023
Victoria Wallace

A satisfied passenger at an airport is more than just a happy traveller—they’re a potential spender.

Recent research has shown that happy travellers are more likely to open their wallets and make purchases at airport retail and food and beverage stores. Passengers who give their airport experience 10/10 spend an average of $44 at the terminal, in contrast to passengers with an average airport experience of 5/10 or less who spend $29.

When passengers are free from stress—no long lines, delays, or confusing signs—they’re free to engage with all an airport has to offer. Whether it’s browsing through duty-free shops, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, or purchasing last-minute travel essentials, satisfied passengers are more likely to make both impulsive and planned purchases.

Leveraging robust airport retail software can enhance these elements, nudging passengers toward spending and boosting airport revenue through non-aeronautical channels.

How to benefit from satisfied passengers

Retail services and vouchers

Satisfied passengers are already in a positive mindset, making them more receptive to retail promotions. Retail vouchers tap into this willingness to explore and spend, serving as an effective tool for guiding passengers toward both retail stores and dining options. This not only boosts immediate sales but also fosters a diverse revenue stream for airports.

How to implement retail vouchers

Use QR codes: Quick and easy to use, QR codes offer passengers an instant gateway to vouchers that are integrated with the airport’s retail management system. A scan at the point of sale can either redeem a voucher or provide access to special promotions. By integrating QR codes into the process, you simplify the customer journey, eliminating the need for printed vouchers or manual input and keeping things straightforward and efficient. The versatility of QR codes also means they can be featured in various places—on digital boards, printed brochures, or even sent directly to passengers’ smartphones, making it easier to engage customers wherever they are in the airport.

Send targeted campaigns: Take what you already know about passengers from previous interactions—like bookings or email marketing subscriptions—to send them targeted coupons before they even set foot in the airport terminal. Passengers get offers that actually interest them, and you get more footfall in your retail and dining spaces. You can take it a step further and offer a coupon or discount for another product or outlet when they complete a purchase. This encourages them to explore—and spend—more at the airport.

Keep it flexible: Collaborate with retailers like duty-free stores and dining outlets to customise offers, set expiration dates and define terms like minimum purchase amounts. This flexibility is essential as it allows you to pivot based on real-world data, keeping your strategy responsive to changing customer behaviour and market conditions. Being flexible will help you keep the retail ecosystem at your airport dynamic and profitable.

Food and beverage services

Airports typically house an array of food options, from fast food to fine dining. But it’s not just about variety; it’s about delivering convenience and flexibility in how passengers access these options. By streamlining the food and beverage process, airports can elevate the passenger experience and encourage more spending at dining outlets.

How to optimise food and beverage services

Make search quick and easy: Equip your airport with food and beverage software that lets passengers effortlessly pinpoint exactly what they’re craving, whether it’s a croissant or a vegan specialty. By reducing friction in the search process, you’re not just helping passengers satisfy their hunger; you’re making it a no-brainer for them to spend money, which is good news for everyone involved.

Offer the convenience of pre-ordering: Enable a pre-order feature in your food and beverage software that lets passengers lock in their meal choices either before they arrive or directly from their table. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about minimising friction at every step of their dining journey. By making it easy to pre-order, you’re encouraging passengers to further engage with your airport services, which boosts your non-aeronautical revenue.

Provide deliveries throughout your airport

When passengers can tap a few buttons on their phone and have a hot coffee or last-minute gift delivered right to their seat, you’re not just making their life easier—you’re opening up a new revenue stream. This service turns waiting time into shopping time, converting idle passengers into active customers. And the best part? They get what they want without having to abandon their comfy seat or risk missing a flight update. It’s a direct line to increased sales, without the passenger even having to set foot in a shop or restaurant.

How to implement airport deliveries

Gate and lounge delivery: To make this a reality, use gate delivery software that’s up to the task. It’s not just about taking orders; it’s about making sure those orders get where they need to go, smoothly. Gate and lounge delivery software can organise the back-end details from inventory tracking to coordinating staff for timely deliveries. This ensures that passengers get what they ordered while they’re still in the mood to enjoy it, and your operations run without a hitch.

Multiple payment options: By accommodating a range of payment methods like credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and even loyalty points, you’re not just ticking a box; you’re actively removing barriers between the passenger and the purchase. The more frictionless you make the transaction, the more likely passengers are to complete their purchase. With the right delivery software in place, you can securely manage these various payment methods, ensuring not just convenience for passengers but also robust financial tracking for your operations.

The value of non-aeronautical revenue for airports

Satisfied passengers are more likely to grab a coffee or pop into a shop while they wait. That’s instant extra revenue in your pocket, and it’s not just loose change; it reduces your financial reliance on core aviation services like flights and landing fees.

This is more than a one-off bonus—it’s the start of a cycle. These happy customers are more likely to choose your airport again for their next trip. And let’s not forget, they’re also sharing their positive experiences with friends and family.

Airport retail management systems are the linchpin that turns content passengers into a reliable revenue stream. These systems take the guesswork out of sales and passenger behaviour analysis. They help you get the right staff and promotions in place, ensuring that passenger satisfaction turns into a reliable stream of income for your airport.

Increase your non-aeronautical revenue today

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