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How to choose a landing page builder for airports

22 Feb 2023
Victoria Wallace

Considering making landing pages part of your airport’s content marketing strategy? It’s a wise move to make. Building landing pages will help your airport increase traffic, boost brand awareness and drive those all-important conversions. But how does your busy airport go about creating multiple landing pages, each of which is designed to drive a specific action from new airport customers? The answer is with a landing page builder for airport marketers.

Stick with us as we share what to look for in a landing page builder and how to use one to your advantage.

What should a landing page builder include?

Building airport landing pages from scratch can be very tricky. You’ll need to be a trained web developer with coding experience. Or, you need to hire one, and that can be expensive.

However, with a landing page builder for airport marketers, you’ll have all the tools to create, customise and publish highly converting landing pages without any coding knowledge or experience. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But as with any marketing tool, not all landing page builders are created equally, so it’s essential to choose one with all the features you need to succeed, including:

Drag & Drop Editor
A drag and drop landing page builder will make your job much easier and enable you to build professional landing pages quickly. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can edit every element of your airport landing pages as you see it, including headers, images, text, videos, call-to-action buttons, sign-up forms and a host of other elements. Whatever you see on the screen in front of you is exactly how your landing page will appear once published.

Templates for customisation
Something else to look for when choosing a landing page builder for airport marketers is a library of templates. Most drag and drop landing page builders come with pre-made templates that you can use, but they must be flexible and fully customisable, so you can edit the fonts, colours and other design elements to match your airport branding.

The great thing about templates is that you can choose one that fits in with the purpose of your landing page – for example, a template for gaining email sign-ups to your airport marketing emails or a template for generating bookings.

Build from scratch
While it’s handy to have pre-made templates to customise, there might be times your airport marketers want to create landing pages from scratch. A drag and drop landing page builder will make this much easier, eliminating the need for coding. Instead, you can start with a blank page and drag and drop the elements you need into your own unique layout and customise as you go.

Responsive design
Did you know that 83% of travellers research on a mobile device before finalising their travel plans? Hence why your airport landing pages must be fully responsive.

Make sure that the landing page builder you choose uses responsive design. This means that no matter whether a user is viewing your airport landing page on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, it will be fully optimised (both visually and functionally) for the device.

Analytics tools
Analytics are essential in assessing how your airport’s landing pages are doing. Choosing a landing page builder for airport marketers with built-in analytics or easy integration with analytics tools is, therefore, essential.

Tracking, click maps, and analytics will inform you where traffic is coming from, the percentage of new and returning visitors, which parts of a landing page get the most engagement, how long users remain on your landing page and how many users convert. Harnessing this data will help you optimise your landing pages for even better results while gaining valuable insights about prospective customers.

A/B and split testing
While a drag and drop landing page builder will likely come with fully optimised landing page templates, it’s important to remember that every campaign is different, so you can’t guarantee the design will drive the most conversions from your target market.

Testing and optimising your airport landing pages is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Choose a landing page builder for airport marketers that enables various testing methods, such as A/B and split testing, to help you identify customer preferences and use them to optimise your content and layout to achieve maximum conversions.

While fully optimised and tested landing pages will drive conversions for your airport, your marketing mission doesn’t stop there. Your airport must nurture its customer relationships to create a positive brand experience, increase loyalty and encourage further purchases to make additional revenue. Ideally, a landing page builder for airport marketers should link with other marketing, CRM and business intelligence tools, enabling your airport to benefit from a full-circle solution.

Benefits of using a landing page builder for airport marketers

Now you know the landing page builder features to look out for, let’s move on to how your airport will benefit…

Align your airport landing pages with user intent

When it comes to building a landing page, it’s not just about pitching your product but optimising your landing pages for conversion by aligning their design and content to match user intent. For example, suppose a user reaches your landing page intending to book flights with you. In that case, your landing page must provide the information they require whilst gearing them up to convert with an enticing offer and a strong call-to-action button. This landing page would look very different from a landing page that captures users’ email addresses for in-terminal Wi-Fi sign-ups.

Rezcomm’s cutting-edge Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder for airport marketers enables you to create a variety of landing pages for product launch pages, sign-up forms, contact forms, inspirational destination pages, flight and hotel bookings, and more. Access and customise templates or build from scratch – the choice is yours.

Scale with ease

If your airport is running ads, it will require unique and fully optimised post-click landing pages for every single one – a tricky and time-consuming job for airport marketers. The good news is that with Rezcomm’s Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder and our fully customisable templates, you can scale at ease, creating as many landing pages as you require at speed.

Moreover, all design work is stored in a central location, ready to be used anywhere you like. You can quickly transform landing pages into marketing emails to send out with our Email Sending Service or marketing emails to landing pages to widen your airport marketing campaign without costing your team extra time.

Empower your team

The best thing about using a drag and drop landing page builder like Rezcomm is that anyone can use it. So unlock the potential of your team by leveraging our simple and intuitive landing page builder and empower airport marketers with the tools to turn their campaign design ideas into a reality.

At the same time, you’ll free up your web developer’s time to focus on other, more critical and technical tasks, boosting efficiency and productivity at your airport.

Stay on brand

When it comes to airport marketing, we all know that consistency is key. No matter which landing page a user reaches, whether they’ve clicked through from a marketing email, social media page or search result, it’s crucial that they instantly recognise it as belonging to your airport. Rezcomm’s handy Drag & Drop landing page builder features branding tools to ensure consistency across all landing pages, helping to achieve brand recognition, build trust and boost conversions.

Get the insights you need to guess less & grow more

We’ve already mentioned how important it is to choose a landing page builder for airport marketers that excels in analytics and data. At Rezcomm, business intelligence is at the heart of each airport marketplace module, providing you with advanced technology to track, analyse, report and extract powerful insights to make smarter business decisions. Guess less and grow more the landing page data you need right at your fingertips.

Our unique airport landing page builder for airport marketers is ready and waiting for you. With intuitive drag and drop technology, excellent customisation options and easy integrations with other modules from the Rezcomm Marketplace (plus your existing tech), it’s a no-brainer.

Download our Marketing brochure to learn more and book a meeting with our first-class tech creators and airport marketing experts.