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One small step for airport marketers, one giant leap for passenger engagement

18 Jul 2019
Victoria Wallace

Rezcomm launches most significant marketing revision to date

Rezcomm’s newest update embraces marketing best practice and makes it easier than ever to create beautifully formatted, dynamic, responsive email. The much-anticipated Email Drag+Drop Editor is now live!

Whether or not you were previously familiar with content-block type tools, the Drag+Drop Editor provides a really user-friendly, intuitive interface making creating emails super easy. Its functionality is easy to assimilate and understand, and it offers a world of potential to delight your passengers with visually engaging, content-rich emails.


We’ve worked closely with our airport partners to provide a world-class solution, and feedback is positive:

“Onboarding and training with Rezcomm’s Drag+Drop Editor has been brilliant. The editor itself is an absolute dream to work with and is saving time as well as making more daring designs possible.”

Jodie Ashworth, Marketing Coordinator at Southend Airport

How to create an email using the Drag+Drop Editor

Your email journey begins with the master template. This has been built to contain every potential email component that you might need, and it’s designed to perfectly match your airport’s brand.


The new editor does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives the tools to build an email simply by dragging and dropping elements from a content block menu into a template. Options include text, image, button, divider, social, dynamic content, html and video blocks… so basically everything you could ever need or want.


You can even preview in both desktop and mobile view to make sure your customers get the best version of your campaign wherever and whenever they open the email.

Taking device-optimised emails to the next level

One of the joys of building email in this editor is that you can see the email EXACTLY HOW IT WILL LOOK TO THE RECIPIENT while you edit. It’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t, and to preview changes immediately you make them.

You can also select different options for mobile view within the menus. For example, ‘do not stack on mobile’ will keep content showing horizontally across the small screen rather than stacking elements such as images one on top of the other. This can help to keep the important information in your email visible without the reader needing to scroll endlessly.

What else is new?

Emails created using the Drag+Drop Editor are HTML emails. An HTML email is the polar opposite of a plain text email. It’s full of colour, images, CTA buttons that work, and even dynamic blocks for personalisation. It’s designed to look great and to stand out in a crowded inbox. It’s sophisticated and up-to-date with consumer expectation, and it can be built in minutes with no need for coding.

You can use the editor to customise your master template, or you can build new templates from scratch using the drag and drop functions. Either way, every email you build with Rezcomm’s new editor will be an HTML email.

A great HTML email is:

• Fully responsive across all devices, whether desktop or mobile
• Supported by all the major email clients and applications such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Apple Mail
• Beautifully designed, on-brand and eye-catching

The beauty of content blocks

Text, images, buttons, dividers, social media icons, dynamic content, HTML and video can all be added to your email. Each can be edited in its relevant menu to determine every aspect of the way your email looks. Elements including background colour, font, link colour and email width can be tweaked to display just how you want: But remember, some specifics like width have been set to comply across all browsers and devices, so you will need to re-test your email if you change these. However, Rezcomm can help you to do this. We don’t just set you up with the template then leave you to it – we’re here to support all the way.

Rezcomm can also help you to link up with third party suppliers who offer dynamic content such as countdown timers. If you want to include a countdown to show something like ‘number of days till your holiday’ in a personalised email, that, and much more, can be done using dynamic content blocks.

Images and video are really important in emails too, and it’s vital that these display well on all devices. Rezcomm’s template has detailed tools for images, including scaling tools that allow you to display images in different widths depending on the device on which the email is opened.

Images can be sourced from the Image Asset Management tool, where you can save your own images into folders and view them in list or grid layout. This tool can also connect to your airport’s Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram or other accounts to import images, as well as searching for free stock images to illustrate your email. This link to social media gives you great access to vibrant, user-generated content that you can share in your campaigns.

Want to know more?

There’s a lot to like in the new Drag+Drop Editor. Ultimately, it’s a template you can use time and time again, saving on resources whilst maintaining consistency and quality across all email campaigns. When paired with Rezcomm’s reporting and analytics functions, it’s the perfect tool to help your airport marketing take off.

Rezcomm is the partner of choice for airports worldwide. Our team are expert in supporting airport sales and marketing through smart, intuitive tech. If you have any questions about how to optimise your email campaigns with our new Drag+Drop Editor or would like more help in using the tools, contact us for a chat.