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5 Advantages of Rezcomm’s Online Parking Booking System

15 Feb 2024
Sarah Marks

It’s a familiar travel story. You’ve got everything sorted: flights booked, bags packed, ticket in hand, route to the airport mapped, and then you remember — where are you going to park your car? It’s the last piece of the puzzle, and it’s often the most uncertain

Rezcomm has taken this common predicament and turned it into an opportunity for airports to offer something better, with our online parking booking system that makes parking a worry-free item on any traveller’s checklist. By focusing on hassle-free and scalable solutions, we ensure your customers start their journeys on the right foot and you maximise the potential of an often untapped revenue stream.

1. Effortlessly integrate parking solutions into any system

Our plug-and-play approach makes launching or upgrading your parking services easy and quick. With our accelerated launch program, you’ll go from contract signature to live operation in just a few days. This swift transition is designed to minimise disruption and swiftly capitalise on the new or enhanced parking services.

Our system’s API plays a crucial role here, ensuring seamless integration with your existing digital infrastructure and airport’s own systems such as airport operational databases, CRM platforms, and payment gateways, complementing existing operations without disrupting workflows.

You can implement the parking module as a standalone solution or as part of Rezcomm’s broader airport marketplace platform, which includes additional modules for flights, retail, and more. While our system operates cohesively, we also offer the flexibility to integrate with external systems and APIs, especially for larger airports with specific needs. This capability ensures that our unified system can easily adapt to and work in tandem with existing airport technologies, enhancing rather than replacing them.

2. Scale your parking services with modular flexibility

Rezcomm’s parking system is designed to accommodate the fluctuating parking needs of airports and venues of all sizes. The system’s modular architecture allows you to start small and scale up as your operations grow.

You can begin with the core functionalities of the parking module and, as your needs grow, add more. With Rezcomm’s system, you can offer tailored parking options, such as VIP parking, budget options, short-term, long-term, or special event parking. You can even integrate ancillary services like car washes, EV charging stations, or shuttle services and generate additional revenue streams.

Rezcomm’s system can easily accommodate additional parking lots, new services and increased booking volumes without compromising performance or user experience. You can effortlessly offer the bells and whistles for some passengers and practical, wallet-friendly options for others, all while keeping an eye on making sure everyone’s parking experience is smooth.

3. Boost your parking income through strategic adjustments

Parking doesn’t have to be a “one-size-fits-all” service. To make the most of potential revenue from your parking areas, Rezcomm’s online parking booking system leverages technology to encourage your customers to use your parking areas, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase parking revenue.

The system enables you to implement dynamic pricing strategies based on real-time data and analytics. Prices can be adjusted automatically in response to demand, booking patterns, special events, and seasonal fluctuations, helping to maximise revenue during peak periods and improve occupancy rates during slower times. And, in addition to real-time data analysis, you can analyse historical data and forecast demand to adjust pricing and availability to optimise revenue.

Pricing adjustments aren’t the only way to optimise parking revenue with Rezcomm. You can offer a range of parking products with different price points and features (such as proximity to the terminal, covered parking, valet service) to cater to diverse customer preferences and budgets. The system even supports the integration of ancillary services, which you can offer customers during the booking process.

4. Simplify global operations with multiple language and currency options

Airports are multicultural places, with passengers from around the world passing through every day. Then there are airport employees around the world who use Rezcomm’s platform and speak in different languages.

Rezcomm’s online booking system has multi-language capabilities to cater to customers and airport employees from different linguistic backgrounds. This feature enhances the booking experience for customers and reduces barriers to use.

The system also supports transactions in multiple currencies, providing a seamless and localised payment experience for international passengers. Integration with various global payment gateways and processors ensures that passengers from anywhere in the world can easily make payments using their preferred methods.

5. Redefine airport parking for a seamless customer experience

The last thing passengers arriving at an airport need is the stress parking can bring. Will they find a good parking spot? How long will it take to find a spot? Will they have to rush from the parking lot to make their flight on time?

Rezcomm’s online parking booking system contributes to a stress-free passenger experience before they’ve even booked a spot.

Your airport website’s parking booking page enables passengers to pre-book their parking slot. Passengers select the parking dates and times, after which they’re presented with available parking options and rates. You can even include maps to show the location of parking areas relative to airport terminals and help customers choose the most convenient parking area. They’ll know how many minutes it takes to get to the terminal and how much they’ll be charged. It’s a surprise-free, hassle-free experience to bring them peace of mind. And if they’ve stayed longer than booked? Any additional fees can be settled easily at the exit or via automatic charge to the payment method on file.

The user interface (UI) is designed so that it’s easy for customers to use. It features a clean, uncluttered design that makes navigation straightforward. Important information and call-to-action buttons are prominently placed, ensuring customers can easily find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed. The UI is responsive, meaning it adjusts smoothly to fit the screens of various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so customers can easily book their parking spot from any device.

And, in 2024, we’re launching an AI-driven booking management system to assist customers in finding and reserving parking spaces as well as help manage existing bookings.

Transform your parking services with Rezcomm

Rezcomm’s online parking booking system stands out not just for its innovative features, but for the real-world benefits it delivers, from plug-and-play convenience and rapid deployment to modular scalability that grows with your airport’s needs. The system is designed to streamline operations, enhance the passenger experience, and optimise revenue, proving itself as an essential tool for you. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or implement a new solution, Rezcomm offers a pathway to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with minimal fuss.

Interested in seeing these benefits in action? We invite you to download our brochure, watch our video, or get in touch to discover how our simple, scalable, and effective parking solution can transform your parking services for the better.