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Airport fast track booking systems, are they worth it?

24 Jan 2023
Victoria Wallace

Are you thinking about upgrading your airport terminals with efficiency-boosting technology? Or to improve your current Fast Track systems? An airport fast track booking system/software offers several benefits for airports and passengers. Here we will look at why you should invest in it and what to look for to ensure you gain a high return on investment and improved passenger experience.

Why your airport should invest in a fast track booking system

An airport fast track reservation system/software will enable your airport to process passengers more quickly and create a more enjoyable experience. With Rezcomm, it works like this:

  • Passengers book a fast track ticket via your airport website.
  • We send a QR code ticket to the customer’s email address.
  • At security, immigration or wherever the customer has purchased a fast track ticket in the airport, they’ll use their mobile phone to scan the QR code ticket and gain entry to the fast track lane.

It’s that simple.

Along with boosting efficiency, improving the passenger experience and facilitating a contactless airport passenger journey, investing in an airport fast track booking system/software will also make your airport more money.

Instant revenue

Yes, an airport fast track reservation system/software is great for generating extra instant revenue for your business when customers visit your website to book flights or airport parking. In the Rezcomm Marketplace, fast track is offered as a cross-sell within the booking journey to encourage customers to spend more money and enhance their airport experience.

However, not all customers will purchase fast track before they visit your airport. Some may prefer to wait and see what the queues are like when they get there. With this in mind, we encourage our airport clients to use QR code signage to sell fast-track mobile reservations. So, rather than queuing at a kiosk, passengers can purchase fast track tickets at the airport, on foot, using their mobile phones, resulting in additional revenue for your airport.

On-going revenue

And it’s not just about generating instant revenue for your airport – investing in an airport fast track reservation system/software will also lead to ongoing revenue!

No one wants to stand in a long queue when they could be relaxing or doing something fun at the airport. By shortening lines with a fast track lane and processing passengers more quickly, you will increase their dwell time and give them longer to shop and spend money in your airport restaurants, retail stores and duty-free.

Additionally, because they haven’t had to queue for long, you’re likely to have much happier passengers. And do you know what happy passengers do? They spend more money! In fact, just a 1% rise in satisfaction gives a 1.5% rise in customer spend at the airport. So an investment in passenger experience via airport fast track booking system/software will soon pay for itself.

What’s more, happy customers lead to improved loyalty. Passengers are more likely to use and book more services with your airport in the future. They’re also more likely to recommend your airport and fast track service to friends, family, work colleagues and on social media, generating more revenue opportunities for your airport and increasing the overall return on investment of your airport fast track reservation system/software.

What to look for in an airport fast track booking system/software

When considering airport fast track reservation systems, it’s essential to consider a few ‘stand out’ features that will prove beneficial for your airport and passengers.

KPI and Feedback

The first is what we like to call ‘KPI and Feedback.’ Finding out what your customers think is crucial and involving passengers is one of our best practice tips in implementing a contactless airport passenger journey.

Choosing an airport fast track booking system/software like Rezcomm, which incorporates it into the passenger experience, will help ensure your fast track service is up to scratch.

“Are lines shorter?” “How long did you queue for?” “Are you satisfied with your fast track ticket purchase?” You can ask these simple yet valuable questions with Rezcomm’s KPI and Feedback system. All you need to do is install QR code posters on your fast track lanes, so passengers can scan them with their mobiles to leave feedback. Their answers are then delivered to your airport team in real-time so you can monitor your queuing situations and passenger experience and rectify any problems immediately, deploying more staff, opening extra lanes and sending goodwill gestures to passengers (when required.)

Additionally, you can use any positive feedback you collect to market your fast track service to even more customers via your website and email marketing campaigns. We also recommend rewarding customers for leaving feedback with a discount code or voucher to get them to spend even more money in your airport stores, coffee shops and restaurants. It’s all about making the most of every revenue-boosting opportunity while gaining valuable customer data for your airport.


Flexibility in your airport fast track booking system/software is also necessary. With the Rezcomm Marketplace, you can offer fast track tickets for security, immigration or anywhere queues typically exist in your airport. You can even configure it to offer fast track for appointments customers may wish to book at your airport, such as for COVID-19 testing or beauty services.

Bespoke bundles

Create a positive passenger experience with bespoke bundles. The Rezcomm Marketplace gives you the flexibility to create unique product and service packages that will appeal to your customers. For example, a VIP passenger bundle that includes valet parking, contactless fast track tickets and an airport lounge reservation will result in a quick, easy and seamless airport experience for which passengers will be willing to pay more.

Bespoke bundles incorporating fast track will create instant revenue for your airport and lead to happier passengers who feel you recognise their needs and cater for them, helping to win their loyalty over your competitors.

Cross-sell complementary ancillary products

We know just how vital ROI is when choosing an airport fast track reservation system/software, so why not choose one that automatically cross-sells complementary ancillary products to boost your revenue? The Rezcomm Marketplace automatically offers customers relevant cross-sells within the booking journey, such as airport lounge, to increase their wallet spend.

If a passenger adds a fast track reservation to their basket, chances are they will be interested in other luxuries like an airport lounge reservation or convenient services like pre-order food and beverage. Rezcomm can offer these cross-sells within the booking journey, whether the customer is purchasing fast track in advance or via mobile at the airport.

It’s a completely seamless way to increase your airport’s revenue and offer a better experience, all while collecting valuable data about the people who use your airport, which you can use to create even more personalised airport experiences.

So, is an airport fast track booking system worth it?

We think it’s a resounding yes! Discover all of these benefits and more with the Rezcomm Marketplace. Download our Venue brochure for more information and book a meeting with our expert team to launch fast track at your airport.