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Satisfy driver demands for tolling & travel with Rezcomm

Rezcomm provides a unique marketplace solution that combines reservations, ecommerce, CRM, touchless customer services and analytics in a single platform.
Our plug-and-play marketplace comprises various modules configured to support the tolling businesses we work with. Offer frictionless connectivity, greater convenience and speed with prebooked tolling tags. Encourage regular road usage and driver loyalty with reward programs. Leverage every data collection opportunity to get to know the drivers that pass through your toll plaza.
What’s more, we can facilitate synergy between road network connectivity and ground transport connectivity at your local tolling Companies; leveraging high tech solutions to enhance both verticals.
Choose Rezcomm and benefit from time-saving, revenue-boosting opportunities to optimise your tolling operations.

  • Sell unlimited toll tags, upgrades & extras online
  • Create the perfect user journey for increased conversions
  • Integrate a Tolling Customer System with ANPR
  • Improve customer management with a centralized GDPR compliant system
  • Extend CRM functionality for increased revenue & customer loyalty
  • Enjoy a swift, hassle-free integration

Simplify your tolling systems & increase revenue

We’re here to make the day-to-day running of your tolling company a whole lot easier. Unhook your tolling company from complex legacy systems and processes, with an agile, future-proof, and flexible ecommerce system designed to work for you.

Offer the right product or service, to the right customer, at the right time. Create a seamless buyer journey and personalized marketing communications designed to enhance the user experience, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. Rezcomm’s pioneering marketplace solution will give you full control over every aspect of your tolling operations.

Benefit from business as usual. Our tech will plug into your existing website, allowing you to continue serving your customers without disruption. Launch your entire marketplace in one go or opt for phased launches – we’ll tailor the timeline to suit your needs.
Our team of dedicated experts works tirelessly to help deliver your commercial goals and provide unparalleled support every step of the way; from integrating or replacing your existing systems to improving customer service, maximizing revenue opportunities, and collating crucial business intelligence. Choose Rezcomm as your tolling tech partner for smart and scalable solutions.

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