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Airport Customer Lifecycle Marketing: Finding new opportunities

13 Jan 2022
Victoria Wallace

Why use multiple platforms when you can use just one? The Rezcomm online marketplace is built to support your airport in connecting with customers, building trust and unlocking revenue; while providing a smooth customer experience with zero turbulence.

We have created our airport customer lifecycle to show you how your airport can benefit from Rezcomm’s plug-and-play marketplace at every stage of the customer journey. From ‘Active Evaluation,’ where a prospect decides to fly, right through to the ‘Loyalty Loop,’ where good data creates stronger relationships.


Opportunities in the passenger lifecycle.

Join us as we talk you through each stage of the customer lifecycle and explore the many ways Rezcomm will help your airport market a seamless experience.

Active Evaluation

The first stage of the airport customer lifecycle sees a prospect deciding to take a flight. They are comparing various suppliers and looking for information. Acquisition marketing, such as SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, is key at this stage.

Rezcomm’s Social Media Scheduler enables you to automatically schedule social media posts across your networks in just a few clicks to drive visitors to your airport website. Design fully optimised airport landing pages with a strong call-to-actions using our state-of-the-art drag-and-drop Landing Page Builder, and use our Data Acquisition Form Builder to collect prospective customers’ marketing permissions. With Rezcomm, it’s easy to build and publish forms on your airport website in just a few clicks and store valuable responses in our CMS.

Remember, if it’s easy for prospective customers to find the information they need, they’re more likely to book with your airport. So plug our handy contactless customer service module straight into your airport website so customers can get answers to their questions and book with confidence.

Rezcomm’s client success team will work with you to optimise your airport website and marketing to drive traffic to your ecommerce system and gather data via all digital channels.

Moment of Purchase

The customer decides to buy from you. At this stage, they will enter the Rezcomm Marketplace, fully branded to match your airport’s existing website. Our white label solution ensures a seamless transition from your airport website or social media to your marketplace to maintain customer trust and encourage them to complete that all-important conversion.

Our optimised user experience ensures the customer has all the information they need at their fingertips, plus the ease of making all purchases in a single basket. What’s more, our intuitive booking journey will automatically try and upsell customers a better product, such as parking closer to the airport, or cross-sell them a complementary product such as airport lounge, a COVID-19 test or duty-free. Furthermore, once the customer has made their booking, the system will encourage them to enter additional sales channels.

At this stage, our contactless customer service module will continue to support your airport’s customers with easy access to information regarding what happens when they get to the airport and any COVID-19 safety measures you have in place.


Your customer is counting down the days until they arrive at your airport. So why not use this opportunity to engage with them? It’s here Rezcomm’s marketing tools will kick in, starting with a series of emails designed to inform and reassure your customer while upselling and cross-selling them relevant products they’re missing.

Our new SMS sending service also enables you to create and send similar countdown communications via text.

Additionally, Rezcomm’s Centralised Manage My Booking system enables your airport customers to go in, see their journey and fill in any gaps. For example, suppose they’ve booked airport parking but not lounge and fast track. In that case, the system will identify these gaps in their itinerary and encourage customers to re-enter the sales funnel to make any additional purchases.

Similarly, if they haven’t pre-booked their retail and duty-free, arranged to pick up their food at one of the airport restaurants or pre-booked queueless tickets, so they don’t have to queue to check their baggage, Rezcomm’s system will encourage them to do so.

Essentially, our Centralised Manage My Booking system enables customers to plan their journey in great detail and ensures that when they arrive at the airport, their experience is easy, enjoyable and completely seamless.

At the Airport

Your customer arrives at your airport, and you can almost guarantee they’ll have their smartphone on them. At this point, Rezcomm’s Venue modules come into play and encourage data collection and on-site purchases in addition to any pre-books.

Say a customer has arrived at the airport and thought, actually I would like a fast track ticket, so I don’t have to wait in a lengthy queue at security. With our venue tools, you can simply display a QR code in your airport, which customers scan using their smartphones to book their contactless ticket and go straight through security. The same principle applies to our queueless tickets, which customers can purchase via QR scanning if they haven’t pre-booked.

Rezcomm’s Contactless Customer Service and KPI and Feedback modules are also crucial at this stage of the customer lifecycle.

Contactless Customer Service improves customers’ airport experience by ensuring they can answer their questions, such as where the airport lounge is or how they book a fast track ticket.

KPI and Feedback will support your airport in providing a positive customer experience. customers can scan a QR code at the airport with their smartphone and give their feedback digitally. At the same time, you can incentivise them to share their feedback with a discount for one of your retail stores or restaurants and ask for their marketing permission in the process.

With the Manage My Bookings system in place, we’ll know when your customer is at the airport, and we can send push notifications to let them know about current offers at your airport and encourage them to make a purchase.

While we’re a forward-thinking company, we still think the old tricks work a treat, like attaching vouchers and promotions to tickets. So whether customers are using a digital ticket via Manage My Booking or they’ve printed their tickets out, we can link them to your airport loyalty and reward centre, so your customers can redeem offers once they’re on-site.

Missed Opportunity

Essentially, all of Rezcomm’s powerful Venue modules clawback missed opportunities, i.e. the customers who turned up at your airport without giving you any of their data. This could be customers that booked flights with an airline and arrived via taxi and, therefore, didn’t require airport parking.

Our Venue tools, including Wi-Fi Integration, Contactless Fast Track Booking, Queueless Journeys, Contactless Customer Service and KPI and Feedback, are all optimised to gather marketing permissions to transform anonymous customers into valuable customers.

Return Home

Your customer has returned home, with their recent trip still fresh in their minds. At this point, our powerful marketing system makes a comeback, alongside Manage My Booking, your airport’s loyalty and reward system and the KPI and Feedback tool.

Suppose your airport failed to gather a customer’s feedback while they were at the airport. In that case, the ‘return home’ communications can push the customer back into the experience, discover how they felt about various parts of their trip through the airport, and gather essential data.

Additionally, ‘return home’ communications should inspire the customer, thank them for their journey and incentivise them (with loyalty points or rewards) to book another trip – this time through the airport. Make your message clear – ‘next time book flights direct with us’ and back your proposition up with an incentive like a flight or parking discount.

Integrate Rezcomm’s CRM and Email Sending Service to deliver key marketing communications at poignant times automatically. For example, when your customer returns home, one year after their trip and in the run-up to summer. The idea is to get them to re-book with your airport.

Loyalty Loop

And that leads us nicely into the loyalty loop. At this stage, your airport can use all of the data it has collected from all of those different touchpoints to build loyalty with your customer so that the next time they book a flight or holiday, it’s with your airport.

Here, Rezcomm’s KPI and Feedback tool is vital to maintaining good customer relationships. Integrated with your loyalty and reward system, if someone has provided negative feedback, they will be assigned special rewards to try and win them back and improve your relationship.

Our intuitive Customer modules also support the loyalty loop by identifying what a particular customer is interested in and how they behave. It helps ensure your airport is talking to them about the products, services and routes they’re most interested in and influencing their next booking journey to:

  1. Deliver the best possible experience
  2. Unlock as much revenue as possible to increase that customer’s lifetime value

It’s also the perfect time to introduce a tiered loyalty programme to encourage customers to keep spending money with your airport. So, for example, ‘if you spend another £10 with the airport, you’ll reach the next tier and gain free entry to our airport lounge’ – or a similar offering. Our customer success team is here to help you develop a bespoke loyalty and reward scheme for your airport.

Maximise opportunities with Rezcomm

With Rezcomm’s flexible and scalable solutions, it’s easy to support your customers at every touchpoint while maximising data acquisition and revenue-generating opportunities for your airport. Download our brochure to discover our complete solution for a seamless experience.