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ANA Group


ANA Group, the leading airport group in Portugal, operates several key airports including Lisbon Airport (LIS), Porto Airport (OPO), Faro Airport (FAO), and Madeira Airport (FNC). In 2022, these airports collectively welcomed millions of passengers, showcasing their pivotal role in the country’s aviation industry. ANA’s commitment to providing seamless travel experiences is reflected in their continuous efforts to enhance their facilities and services, meeting the diverse needs of both domestic and international travelers.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, ANA is not just keeping pace, but leading the way in the airport sector’s digital transformation. They are actively exploring the ecommerce space, aiming to provide a more personalized and convenient experience for their customers. Their focus is on leveraging technology to streamline processes, from pre-booking parking to accessing lounge and fast track services. By doing so, they are redefining what it means to be a customer-centric airport, setting new standards for the industry.

In their pursuit of digital excellence, ANA Group partnered with Rezcomm. This collaboration has resulted in the development of a prebook parking platform that also offers lounge and fast track services across their airports. Additionally, Rezcomm provides online booking services for parking subscriptions at several of the group’s airports for both B2B and B2C sales. This partnership is a testament to the ANA Group’s commitment to innovation and progress, as they continue to enhance their digital offerings and deliver superior customer experiences.

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