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Ecommerce for venues

Are you making the most of your venue’s revenue opportunities? Ticketing, food and beverage, and merchandise all offer easy solutions for increasing sales at your venue. But what if we told you it can start from the moment a user clicks on your website?
The Rezcomm marketplace makes it immediately possible to enhance the visitor experience, with simple add-on purchases such as pre-booked parking, VIP packages, and other retail offerings. Not only will you instantly increase your revenue but capture valuable customer data that will help you offer a more personalized experience to each visitor.
Our all-in-one marketplace for venues comes with a whole host of valuable tools incorporating CRM, BI, analytics, and marketing solutions. Get to know the visitors that pass through your venue and reclaim them as your own customers.

  • Collect valuable real-time customer & operational data
  • Create and manage a joined-up visitor experience
  • Increase the customer lifetime value
  • Connect our technology with your existing IT systems
  • Simplify complex operational demands

Improve efficiency & maximise revenue

Simplify your venue’s complex operational demands and increase revenue potential with Rezcomm. We’ll connect our technology with your existing IT systems to optimize the day-to-day running of your venue and create a joined-up user experience.
From booking tickets on your website to visiting your venue and returning home, we offer a way to engage with customers at every touch-point. Connect visitors’ virtual and physical experiences, ensuring their expectations are met at every stage.

Ready to realize your venue’s revenue potential and streamline your systems? Working with Rezcomm is easy. We’ll plug our out-of-the-box solution straight into your existing venue website, customize it with your branding and tailor its offerings to ensure the best possible experience.
Our quick and seamless integration process takes around 8-12 weeks and we offer on-going support 24/7, plus any extra training you need.
Chat to us about your venue operations and try our demo for free.

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