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Nantes Atlantique Airport


Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE), located in the western part of France, is a bustling hub that saw 5,774,967 passengers walk through its gates in 2022. This represents an impressive increase of 76.08% compared to the previous year. The airport’s growth and popularity underscore its commitment to providing an optimal experience for travelers, and it continues to pave the way in passenger service, efficiency, and innovation.

Aiming to provide a streamlined and effortless passenger experience, NTE has invested in expanding its ecommerce presence. The focus of this initiative is to make the pre-book parking process as seamless and user-friendly as possible. Through digital solutions, the airport intends to ensure a hassle-free experience for passengers, which in turn contributes to the overall positive impression of the airport. The main goal is to create a digital platform where passengers can easily book their parking in advance, saving them time and adding convenience to their travel experience.

NTE’s digital transformation has been accelerated through a collaborative partnership with Rezcomm. With the implementation of Rezcomm Marketplace, specifically tailored to the airport’s needs, Nantes Atlantique Airport has been able to streamline its pre-book parking service, offering customers a seamless and efficient booking experience. This partnership represents a commitment from both Nantes Atlantique Airport and Rezcomm to drive progress, action, and movement within the airport industry.

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