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6 Ways to Improve Air Travel Convenience for Passengers

10 May 2024
Victoria Wallace

It’s official: there’s a renewed enthusiasm for air travel. According to the latest forecasts by the World Tourism Organization and ACI World, international tourism and global passenger traffic in 2024 are expected to exceed the figures recorded before COVID-19 grounded the air travel industry.

Passengers are confident to travel again, and they still want the ease of movement and convenience that pandemic-related safety measures offered — the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) 2023 Global Passenger Survey report revealed that speed and convenience are at the top of passengers’ priority list. Airports today have the perfect opportunity to meet these demands, using technology to increase air travel convenience, prioritise innovation, and enhance the passenger experience.

Here are some ways you use airport technology to improve air travel convenience for passengers.

1. Reduce airport queues

Airports can be busy, and let’s be honest — no one enjoys queuing. A global survey of over 7,000 passengers reported that 40% of leisure travellers want shorter queues, while 45% want faster airport security checks.

Value-added ancillary services, like virtual queuing and security fast track tickets, can make queues a thing of the past.

Virtual queues: You can offer virtual queuing anywhere a queue would typically exist, such as airline check-in, airport lounges, or security lines. Customers select a time of arrival, get sent an e-ticket to their mobile, and when their time arrives, they can use the e-ticket to pass through the airport without waiting in queue.

Security fast track: Once a passenger has booked a fast-track ticket via your airport website, they can enter a separate fast track lane at security screening and pass through with their e-ticket.

2. Provide remote customer service

Adding remote customer service technology at airports makes travel quicker and more convenient for passengers. Passengers at the airport can simply scan a QR code to reach a digital support portal where they can find answers to common questions through an automated system. If they need further help, they can still get in touch with customer service via chat or phone. This quick access to information reduces wait times and helps passengers solve problems on the spot.

But you don’t have to wait for passengers to reach your airport to access remote customer service options. Adding AI chatbots to your airport’s app can provide instant responses to passengers’ inquiries around the clock, handling a wide range of questions from flight updates to airport services. Passengers can get the information they need when and where they need it.

3. Make it easy to book travel online

Your best passengers are literally at your doorstep — according to the IATA report, 71% of passengers prefer to fly from an airport that is close to where they live. You can offer convenient booking options so they can make their travel arrangements directly from your airport and boost your revenue at the same time.

Flight search: The integration of flight search on your airport’s website and app enables your customers to search for and book their flights without having to look elsewhere.

Mobile optimisation: Create a smooth online experience with a website and app that are optimised for mobile use, providing a smooth and intuitive interface that adapts to different screen sizes and orientations. This ensures that booking and managing travel plans can be done anywhere, anytime, without the need for a desktop computer.

Payment options: Offer a variety of convenient payment options so customers can use their preferred payment methods, such as credit and debit cards and digital wallets, making the checkout process is straightforward and secure. Support payment in multiple currencies to help customers see air ticket prices and make payments in their local currency to increase confidence in your airport.

4. Ask customers for their feedback

The best source of information on how your airport is living up to passenger expectations is your passengers themselves. By placing QR codes throughout the airport, in terminals, retail stores, car parks, and even bathrooms, you can enable passengers to conveniently provide real-time feedback directly from their smartphones. This simple yet powerful tool puts control back into the hands of the travellers, enabling them to express their needs and concerns as they move through the airport.

By using this direct line of communication, your airport can collect feedback and make changes to services, making sure that passengers have a direct impact on their air travel experience.

5. Communicate in real time

You can send real-time notifications through your mobile app to help passengers use their time at the airport more efficiently. Notifications can include:

  • Updates on baggage status and carousel locations, which reduce waiting times and confusion at baggage claims.
  • Alerts about gate changes or flight delays, enabling passengers to adjust their plans without constant checks on departure boards.
  • Security wait times, enabling passengers to better manage their time at the airport.
  • Special offers from duty-free shops, restaurants, or lounges nearby, helping passengers discover exclusive deals that make their stay at the airport more rewarding.
  • Timely boarding reminders, helping ensure that passengers reach their gates on time, and have a stress-free pre-boarding experience.

6. Enhance convenience with value-added services

Value-added services enable you to increase passenger convenience before, during, and after their airport experience.

Parking: You can integrate pre-book parking solutions, enabling travellers to reserve their parking spots ahead of time. This ensures a spot is waiting for them when they get to the airport, alleviating worries about the time it may take to find a spot or even if they’ll find one at all. Rezcomm’s online parking booking system can help your airport provide a more structured and stress-free travel experience, giving passengers peace of mind and reducing anxiety associated with parking worries.

Click and collect retail: What if passengers could shop from any retail outlet at the airport without physically being in the outlet? With click and collect retail services, they can. This system enables passengers to select and purchase items from airport retailers online before they get to the airport. They can pick up their purchases from the stores or even have them delivered at a lounge or at their departure gate.

Lounge bookings: Let passengers add a little luxury to their journey and secure a spot in one of your airport lounges before they even pack their bags. By offering the ability to book lounges in advance, you’re giving travellers a guaranteed place to unwind, catch up on work, or just escape the busy terminal. They’ll appreciate having access to comfortable seating, tasty snacks, and free Wi-Fi, all of which make their wait more enjoyable.

Improve air travel convenience for passengers with Rezcomm

Adopting airport technology can go a long way in providing passengers with the speed and convenience they crave, but it also pays to have a reliable tech partner on your side. With flexible and scalable solutions, Rezcomm provides the modules you need, coupled with high-level customer service, to give passengers an unrivalled airport experience. Download our brochure, watch our video, and get in touch to know more about how Rezcomm can help you meet — and exceed — passengers experience in a post-pandemic world.